How To Bake Cakes In An Air Fryer; Chocolate Cake Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Glen India

There was once a time when baking a simple cake required heavy equipment and expensive ingredients, but thanks to the digital revolution and an increased focus worldwide on health, all that has changed. If you are health conscious and want to whip up a delicious cake in a jiffy, all you need today are a few basic and easily available ingredients and a single equipment that you may already have: an air fryer. Famed for eliminating excessive oil use and keeping saturated fats away from you, air fryers can indeed be used to bake cakes. 

And when it comes to baking cakes in an air fryer, nothing is handier than Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043. Air fryers generally cook faster and more evenly than traditional ovens, but Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 goes one step ahead by speeding up the process while maintaining the nutritional value and flavours of the ingredients. With its large removable cooking basket and digital thermostat and timer, Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 is efficient & easy to use. 

What makes Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 even more impactful for baking cakes at home is that this new-age equipment requires very little space in the kitchen to store. In fact, if you have Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043, you don’t need to invest separately in an oven because this handy gadget can do it all—baking, roasting, frying and grilling—with up to 80% less fat! Portable and easy to clean, Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 is a must-have equipment to nail those homemade cakes. 

How To Bake Cakes In An Air Fryer: Tips You Need

Baking a cake gets extremely easy with Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043, but even with this efficient equipment, you need to keep an eye out for the details for best results. If you are baking a cake in an air fryer for the first time, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.  

1. Pick The Right Pan: Go for silicone or aluminum cake pans that fit perfectly into your air fryer basket. With a 6 litre capacity, Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 can easily fit your usual baking pans. 

2. Always Line The Pan: Properly grease and line the cake pan with butter paper to prevent a mess. Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 is easy to clean and maintain, but still, who wants the hassle of cleaning up excess cake batter? 

3. Adjust The Timer: Air fryers cook faster than traditional ovens, so make sure you adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly. Glen has cookbook with each equipment to help out with this step.  

4. Don’t Overcrowd: Don’t overcrowd the air fryer’s basket as overcrowding can lead to uneven baking. Leave enough space between the baking pan and the edges of the basket to let the air circulate properly. 

5. Check and Monitor: Start baking the cake with a short duration time and check for even cooking once. If you see any issues, rotate the pan and monitor closely. Check the cake for doneness with a skewer before removing. 

6. Practice Makes Perfect: Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043 is a versatile equipment, and the more you practice baking cakes with it, the better the results will be. So, don’t stop at simple cakes but also try cupcakes and muffins. 

An Easy Air Fryer Chocolate Cake Recipe 

Now that you know the basics of baking in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3043, here is a simple chocolate cake recipe you can start with. Before baking, don’t forget to preheat the air fryer. 


1.5 cups all-purpose flour 

½ cup granulated sugar 

¼ cup cocoa powder 

1/4 tsp baking soda 

½ tsp baking powder 

½ cup buttermilk 

¼ cup vegetable oil 

1 tsp vanilla extract 


⦁ Place all the dry ingredients for the cake in a large bowl and mix together. 

⦁ In a separate bowl, mix the wet ingredients together until well combined. 

⦁ Gradually add the wet ingredients to the bowl of dry ingredients while mixing with a clean spatula.  

⦁ Don’t overmix the batter but make sure to mix until no lumps are there and you have a thick chocolate cake batter. 

⦁ Grease a cake pan and line the bottom with butter or parchment paper. 

⦁ Pour in the chocolate cake batter and carefully place the cake pan in the middle of the air fryer basket.  

⦁ Bake the cake at 325°F (165°C) for about 18-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean or with a few moist crumbs. 

⦁ Carefully remove the baked chocolate cake from the air fryer and cool on a wire rack completely before de-moulding the cake.  

⦁ Top with a frosting of your choice and voila, your chocolate cake in an air fryer is ready!