How To Add Spice To Tour Favourite Cocktail? Know Here

You're not alone if you favour spicy over sweet in your cocktails. There is a strong following for spicy drinks. Spicy drinks come in a wide range of flavours and varieties, much like the chilli lovers who like them. Examples include micheladas, Bloody Caesars, spicy margaritas, and a too darn hot (and by that, we mean exactly hot enough) mojito. What's the secret to producing them in one's own kitchen that tickles tastebuds without blowing one's head off and causing one's nose to run from the pain? For a drink to go from elegant to potent, the most popular techniques are to muddle, infuse, sprinkle with spice, or just utilise the appropriate hot spice. There are many ways to make cocktails spicy, including by utilising infusions and syrups. It depends on your preferences for flavour and what you have in your pantry, as well as how much work you want to put into your drink. 

A simple syrup that has been infused with anything from serrano to chipotle peppers can be used to flavour a cocktail, a simple syrup that has been rimmed with chile and lime, or even the spirits itself can be spiced by putting a slice of pepper directly into the spirits bottle and letting it release its powerful spice. All of these stages call for purchasing ground peppers, either fresh or dried, to store in the home. 

If you have the space or access, go for it. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like fiddling with plastic gloves (since you should use caution while touching spicy peppers), these processes may seem overly laborious. If you have the space or access, go for it. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like messing with plastic gloves (since you should take caution while touching hot peppers), these processes may seem overly laborious. You might also choose the confusing path. To enhance drinks, muddling includes smashing fruit, herbs, aromatics, and other ingredients to bring out their flavours and fragrances. Although muddling seems straightforward, the right equipment, the proper technique, and patience are needed to bring out the taste. 

Your preferred hot sauce can add spice, flavour, and even colour to a cocktail with just a dash or more. But how do you decide which to use? It depends on the cocktail's alcoholic base. Hot sauces with a vinegar basis go nicely with rum and vodka. Hot sauces like Tabasco contain a little bit of sour acidity and spice that go well with the tastes in these alcoholic beverages. Fruity hot sauces, however, go nicely with bourbon-based cocktails. Take into account the Rogue Scorpion Tea cocktail's Blood Orange Trinidad Scorpion spicy sauce. Tequila is one of the best hot sauce-liquor mixers since it goes well with both acidic and sweet hot sauces. It's time for a fiery cocktail, so pique your appetite and set the time to happy hour.