How Many Of These Old Bakeries In Mumbai You Have Visited?
Image Credit: Yazdani Restaurant- Pic- Facebook- Shilpa Parandekar

Mumbai's vintage bakeries have a wide variety of food, ranging from the mouthwatering Vada Pavs to many types of chat. Mumbai is also home to numerous historic bakeries, some of which date back thousands of years. Mumbai, the "city of dreams," is renowned for its quick and dynamic way of living. Each bakery in Mumbai has a story to tell because it was started by someone to pursue their dreams. These vintage bakeries have been there for a long time and have been a part of the evolution from Bombay to Mumbai. Bakeries are a place where people go and spend time with their loved ones while sipping their favourite shake and grubbing on lip-smacking delicacies. The best conversations happen when you are having your favourite dessert in a classic bakery. And as we all know the city of dreams never fails to disappoint anyone- it is home to classic vintage bakeries that are still in function and fulfilling everyone's cravings with overloaded sweetness. 

Here are some old and vintage bakeries in Mumbai that are still alive-

Kyani and Co.

One of the town's oldest bakeries can be found in Marine Lines. This bakery serves a variety of cakes, chai, and Mumbai's very own #maska pav, which is not to be missed. The atmosphere of the past is still present here, and going there will transport you back in time. Freshly made mawa cake, one of this place's delectable specialities, is also a must-have item. There are several stunning old pictures of British Mumbai hanging on the walls. Kyani is an eerie sight because of its old seats, wooden counters, giant glass windows, and large glass jars filled with pastries and biscuits.