How Did The Popular Buffalo Chicken Wings Come Into Existence
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

The Buffalo wing was created in 1964, making it younger than Demi Moore, Johnny Depp, and even Barack Obama. On Sept. 3, Buffalo, N.Y., will hold its annual National Buffalo Wing Festival, a two-day celebration that will end on the 5th of September, 2022. The basics of the wings are now so well-known in every college-town sports bar that they might almost be considered a natural resource. There are crispy-fried chicken wings that have been broken into drumettes and flats to resemble the limbs of a much smaller bird. Celery with varying degrees of freshness and gentle squabbles over blue cheese and ranch dressing. But where did the idea for the spicy snack come from? What's the deal with the celery? Let’s check out.

Women eating Chicken Wings


Instead of their original, more difficult-to-eat akimbo shape,  buffalo wings should be snapped in half to resemble miniature drumsticks. They're then deep fried without any coating or breading, then slathered in that fiery bright orange sauce - a mix of melted butter, spicy sauce and red pepper — that covers your fingers and manages to get all over your clothes no matter how many napkins you use.

Well, so that was how it all started for the buffalo chicken wings.