How Corkage Fees Work, Around The World
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When dining out, bringing your own bottle (BYOB) of wine can be a delightful way to enjoy your favourite vintage with a meal. However, in many major metropolises across the globe, establishments charge corkage fees for the privilege. 

In India, specifically in Mumbai, the concept of corkage fees is not as prevalent as in some other metropolises. While some upscale restaurants may charge a nominal corkage fee, it is relatively uncommon. Mumbai's vibrant dining scene offers a plethora of establishments with diverse cuisines, and many venues have extensive wine lists. It is advisable to check with the restaurant beforehand if you plan to bring your own wine to ensure they allow it and enquire about any potential fees.

Let’s take a look at other metropolises around the world: 

Hong Kong, China 

Hong Kong is known for its world-class dining scene and is often hailed as the culinary capital of Asia. In this bustling metropolis, corkage fees are a common practice in many upscale restaurants. Fees can range from HKD 100 to HKD 500 per bottle, depending on the establishment and the wine's value. Some restaurants may have a policy of waiving corkage fees if you purchase a bottle from their wine list. Given Hong Kong's status as a global financial hub, it attracts a diverse range of cuisines and wine options, making it an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts.

London, United Kingdom  

In the bustling city of London, many upscale restaurants allow customers to bring their own wine, subject to corkage fees. Typically, these fees range from £10 to £25 per bottle, although they can vary depending on the establishment. It is important to note that some restaurants may waive corkage fees on certain days or during specific promotional periods, so it's worth checking in advance.

New York City, United States  

Across the pond, in the Big Apple, corkage fees are a common practice in New York City's dining scene. In upscale restaurants, corkage fees can range from $20 to $50 per bottle. However, it's worth noting that some establishments may not allow outside wine at all, so it's essential to confirm their policy beforehand. Additionally, keep in mind that some restaurants may waive corkage fees for special occasions or if you purchase a bottle from their own wine list.

Paris, France 

Known for its culinary excellence, Paris is a city that embraces the joy of dining and wine. While bringing your own bottle is not as common in Paris as in London or New York, some restaurants do permit it. Corkage fees can vary greatly, ranging from €5 to €30 per bottle. It's advisable to make a reservation and inquire about their corkage policy in advance to avoid any surprises. Remember that in France, wine is an integral part of the dining experience, and many establishments pride themselves on their extensive wine lists.

Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo, a vibrant metropolis renowned for its culinary delights, has a unique approach to corkage fees. While it is generally uncommon to bring your own wine to a restaurant in Tokyo, some establishments allow it with a corkage fee. The fees tend to be on the higher side, ranging from ¥2,000 to ¥5,000 per bottle. However, it's important to note that Japanese dining culture places a strong emphasis on pairing food with sake or other traditional beverages, so bringing your own wine may not be as prevalent.

Berlin, Germany 

In the vibrant city of Berlin, bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant is generally accepted, with many establishments allowing it without any corkage fees. This relaxed approach to corkage fees is reflective of Berlin's casual dining culture. However, it's always a good idea to double-check with the restaurant beforehand to ensure their policy and any potential charges. Berlin's culinary scene is known for its diversity, offering a wide range of cuisines, from traditional German dishes to international flavours, providing ample opportunities for wine lovers to explore and indulge in their favourite vintages while dining out.

Sydney, Australia

In the sunny city of Sydney, many restaurants welcome patrons who wish to bring their own wine. Corkage fees in Sydney typically range from AUD 10 to AUD 20 per bottle, although higher-end establishments may charge more. Some restaurants may also waive corkage fees on certain days or for members of their loyalty programs. As wine is an integral part of Australian culture, many venues have well-curated wine lists, making it a delightful experience to explore local and international offerings.

Corkage fees vary across major metropolises worldwide, depending on local dining customs and restaurant policies. Whether you're in either of these metropolises, it's essential to check the specific regulations and fees before bringing your own bottle. So, next time you plan to dine out, raise a glass to the joy of exploring new dining experiences while savouring your favourite wine.