How Are Zucchini And Cucumber Different Despite Looking The Same
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Zucchini and cucumber look so much alike that it is hard to tell apart if they are placed together. Both have the same colour, body shape, and outer appearance. However, the health benefits and the purpose of these two are very different from each other. From the outer appearance, you might consider these two as twin vegetables. But today we will tell you the actual difference between these two vegetables and how they benefit your body very differently.

* Taste

Taste wise cucumbers and zucchini are very different from each other. Cucumbers are edible even raw, but you cannot eat zucchini without cooking it. Cucumbers are naturally very hydrating and have a very refreshing taste. This is the reason why cucumbers are widely used in salads and along with meals. Zucchini on the other hand has a vegetable-like taste and can be even slightly sweet. It has to be properly cooked with the help of spices and some other vegetables to get a good taste.

* Texture

Upon touching the cucumber, you will feel a very cool and waxy touch of its skin. Zucchini on the other hand feels very rough and dry from the outside. Zucchini is smooth and has a very uniform surface. Cucumber on the other hand might be rough and bumpy to touch. The skin of zucchini feels more speckled than cucumber. It can be stripped but the texture is always more evident than the skin of cucumber. Another difference to tell these two apart is you will always see a short stem attached to a harvested zucchini.

* Fruit versus Vegetable

One of the most significant differences between cucumbers and zucchini is that they do not belong to the same family. Cucumbers belong to the gourd family which is considered a fruit by many people. Zucchini, on the other hand, belongs to the cucurbita family which is considered a vegetable. This means that these two are very different from each other in terms of their origin.

Image Credits- Pexels

* Calories

In terms of calorific value, cucumbers have slightly lower calories than zucchini. Both these vegetables have a very high amount of calcium but cucumber in particular is very rich in potassium and iron. It also has very high fibre and protein content. Zucchini on the other hand is richer than cucumber in vitamin C and vitamin C. So in terms of nutrients and vitamins, both of them have different things to offer.


* How to Consume

The best way to eat a cucumber is to eat it raw or by using it for pickles. Cucumbers are very refreshing and can be a great snack on a hot summer day. You can also use cucumbers in salads, sandwiches and burgers to add freshness. Also, you can have cucumbers whenever you feel dehydrated as these are high in water content. Zucchini on the other hand should be baked or stir-fried to be edible. One of the most popular ways of eating zucchini is by using it to make noodles. It can also be used in making bread, loaves and muffins.

* Storage

Cucumbers are very temperature sensitive and to preserve them for a longer time you shouldn't store them below 50°F. Before cutting your cucumbers, make sure that you keep them at room temperature for some time. If you store your cucumbers below 50°F then your cucumbers might develop chilling injuries. This may lead to accelerated decay or pitting. Zucchini on the other hand can stay in your fridge for 4 to 5 days and it will remain fresh. make sure that you keep it in a plastic bag and never wash it just before you are ready to use it.

* Flesh

The flesh of zucchini is smoother and creamier when you look at it as compared to cucumber. Cucumber flash on the other hand is pale green in colour and has a lot of seeds. Zucchini doesn't have any seeds and you can directly cook it without taking out the seeds. Cucumber seeds are edible and you can consume them directly without having to take them out.

* Growth

If you ever happen to see a zucchini plant, then you will see that zucchini protrude out of the stem of the plant. This means that zucchini is the steam. On the other hand cucumbers, just like grapes, hang on the vines of plants. Cucumbers are like the fruit part of the plant. So these two are very different in terms of how they're grown.

These are some of the major differences between zucchini and cucumbers. Most of us think that just like their appearance, their taste, the way that they're cooked and their nutritional benefits are the same. But these two are very different from each other. Both of these are super healthy but you have to use them differently to make them a part of your diet.