How About A Spicy Breakfast? Cumin To Mustard, Add To Your Plate
Image Credit: Spices add flavour and nutrition to your meals | Pexels

When it comes to breakfast, we Indians have mastered the art of infusing various flavours into our dishes. As a quintessential part of Indian cuisine, spices are not limited to savoury curries alone but seep well into desserts and drinks. They add depth, aroma, and character to breakfast meals.

But a very important factor to keep in mind while spicing up your breakfast is that the first meal of the day should not be too heavy and laden with masalas. Balancing it out is the key. A meal that is too spicy can cause indigestion or inflammation early in the morning, which might be a cause of discomfort throughout the day. So, while adding spices, remember to understand that less is more.

But this doesn’t mean we skip the masala element all together. In this piece, we explore a selection of spices that can transform your morning breakfast into a meal full of fun flavours and nutrition.

Here are 7 spices that should make it to your masala cabin and then into your breakfast meals:


Cinnamon, with its warm and sweet aroma, is a perfect addition to breakfast. A sprinkle of ground cinnamon on your hot cup of coffee, oatmeal, yoghurt, smoothie bowl, or pancakes imparts a sense of comfort and indulgence. Not only does cinnamon enhance flavour, but it also brings health benefits, such as stabilising blood sugar levels and having potent anti-microbial properties.


Recipe - Mano ka kitchen

Known as the "Queen of Spices," cardamom offers an all-in-one combination of citrusy, spicy, and herbal notes. Crush a few pods of elaichi to release the earthy fragrance, and add them to your morning tea, coffee, or cereal. Cardamom’s exquisite taste elevates your breakfast to a regal experience. It is anti-inflammatory in nature, which is important for a balanced breakfast.


Celebrated for its vibrant hue and health benefits, turmeric is called the golden spice for a reason. A pinch of turmeric in scrambled eggs, paneer bhurji, or smoothies not only gives them a mild earthy flavour but also provides an antioxidant boost. It also increases your immunity and makes you ready to face the day head-on.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds bring a hint of licorice-like sweetness to the table. Adjust them into your breakfast routine by adding them to your dough for parathas, as a part of your morning tea, or as a topping on yoghurt bowls. Fennel seeds aid digestion and add a refreshing twist to dull mornings.

Mustard Seeds

Recipe - Kunal Kapur

For those who crave a little excitement in the morning, mustard seeds are the answer. When they splutter in hot oil, they release a nutty, peppery flavour. A tadka of mustard seeds in dishes like poha or upma adds a zesty essence that wakes up your taste buds and makes you morning ready. They are great for people looking to lose weight, as they help lower cholesterol levels.


Cumin seeds, often toasted or spluttered to release their aroma, bring a certain warmth to breakfast creations. Add them to the batter of your favourite omelette, stir them into khichdi, or add them to savoury oat dishes. Cumin’s smell lends a comforting touch to your morning meal. Having been used traditionally as a digestive aid, cumin can be a great addition to a breakfast meal intended to soothe the stomach.


Coriander, whether in the form of seeds or fresh leaves, brings freshness and a beautiful aroma to your breakfast. Crushed coriander seeds add a subtle citrusy undertone to bread, biscuits, or muffins. Fresh coriander leaves, or dhaniya, brighten up dishes like poha, idli, sambhar, sabzis, and chutneys. Again, a great spice to aid digestion, adding coriander to your diet makes your day smooth and easy.

So many masalas, and yet, your breakfast won’t be over-seasoned; it will just be perfect with the correct spices and the right amount of spices. So, add these spices to your breakfast and start your day with a meal that satisfies your tummy and nourishes your soul.