3 Indian Masalas To Make Meal Prep Easy
Image Credit: Meal Prep Masalas

A wet base masala is to Indian cooking like the sun is to the earth. The layers of flavour, courtesy of the varied use of aromatics and spices, is what makes Indian curries and sabzis a delight. While you may not always have time to slave at the stove to cook a paneer butter masala or a mint pulao, these storage flavour bases make meal prep a breeze. Make these masalas, packed with flavour and store them in a freezer jar for up to a whole month.

Bhuna Masala

Perhaps the cornerstone of all Indian cooking, the popular bhuna masala, made with tomatoes, onions, ginger-garlic paste, chillies and infused with dry spices can turn around any dull meal. Use it as a base for vegetables, chicken or even to use as a base for a pot of ghee-laden biryani. Add some cream and fenugreek for an instant butter chicken to enjoy with hot tandoori naans or a bowl of steamed basmati rice.

Coconut Masala

Have you been obsessed with South Indian food and always ordered dosas off of a restaurant menu? This masala is for you. Whether you need a five minute chutney to accompany your plate of idlis for breakfast or a veggie stew for dinner, the masala – rich with coconut, cumin, garlic and curry leaves, offers respite when homecooked comfort food is what you’re seeking. Use this as a basis for an avial, fish curry or even sambar.

Mint Masala

As fillings for pudina parathas, a two-minute chutney for hot pakoras or to stir a one pot, fragrant mint pulao, this masala with mint, corriander, green chillies and garlic packs quite the punch. Not only does it possess the goodness of fresh herbs and greens, it is known to be great for digestion. Throw in some basil into the mix while grinding and enjoy the delicious mint-basil pesto over some pasta and a side salad. Sandwich a piece of fish between layers of this and wrap it in banana leaves for some patra ni machchi. The possibilities are endless!