How A Cycling Race Contributed To The Making Of An Iconic Dessert
Image Credit: Paris Brest

Take it for granted that Paris will never disappoint you. This mecca for fashion and all things luxury is everything but ordinary. And when we think Paris we can simply not miss out on the oodles of Parisian dessert that the place is known for. It’s no hidden secret that French have a much sensual passion for pastries. They simply make them taste and look more sensational. From the mousse to the Tarte Tatin to the Eclairs to the Clafoutis they just know how to play with your senses. 

One such dessert is the Paris-Brest; a French choux pastry that is filled with praline-flavored cream. Don’t get varied away by the name as it has nothing to do with woman’s bosom, but this one get’s it’s name from the famous bicycle race that starts from the French capital, Paris, to Brest, a naval town in Brittany. This dessert is the creation of baker Louis Durand, of pastry shop Maisons-Laffitte, who created it to help promote the race.

This wheel shaped pastry that’s super light and airy, that sees cream puff dough, that is topped with almond slices, baked, then filled with hazelnut mousseline is sheer indulgence of sort. Chef Maxime Montay - Cafe Monique says “this iconic dessert has a much of fan following even after a decade of it’s been invented. I personally feel pistachio and hazelnut goes best with this choux pastry as if you are using chocolate then it makes it feel more or less like eclairs. The success of this one was huge and we at Cafe Monique bring the real authentic taste of this Parisian delight”. 

Though over the years this one says numerous creative interpretations but the classic one still remains unbeatable. The toasted nutty flavor of the almonds and that of the praline cream gives it the unique taste to this dessert. Shaped like a bicycle wheel this choux pastry is surely a lot of drama and one hell of a taste that it sees.