The chilling winter season is here and as the cold winter nights continue to make us shiver, all we crave is a cup of warm and nourishing hot brews, stews and soups. Be it comfy tomato soup or the spicy Manchow soup, we comfort ourselves with everything that can brave off the chilly weather these days. Now with the festive season right here, there’s one warm beverage that is a tad bit lighter, quicker and easier to prepare than all those soups - Toddy. The quintessential winter drink in the western countries, Toddy has gained popularity among in India as well, thanks to how simple the drink is besides having loads of rich spices.  

Usually made with alcohol, Hot Toddy does not have a fixed recipe. A lot of people make it without alcohol as well along with the usual addition of honey, hot water and lemon. The alcoholic version most popularly has bourbon in it. While the origins of the cocktail aren’t much known but it is believed to have been invented in Scotland somewhere in the 1700s. Legend has it that the, the country’s staple liquor, Scotch wasn’t much liked by the women due to its harsh smoky flavor. And so the Hot Toddy may have been introduced as a sweeter alternative for them.

 Besides being absolutely yummy, hot toddies are also known to be good remedies for cold and cough. After all, honey, fresh lemon juice and the blend of spices, all come together with their goodness. The process of making hot toddy is simple and you can just start by preparing a simple hot tea, add the required spices and honey to this, and finish off with a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick for that extra punch of flavors.  

The secret to a good hot toddy is to play around with the amount of honey and lemon. You’ll be surprised at how an extra spoonful can change the flavour. 

 How To Make Hot Toddy 

For the classic Hot Toddy recipe, all you need is whiskey, though you can also use brandy or dark/spiced rum, along with it take some warm water, some honey and lemon juice.  

Find the recipe of Hot Toddy here.  

You can make a non-alcoholic version in the same way by simply replacing whiskey with tea. Try this Hot Toddy recipe this festive season or the next time you feel under the weather.