Hot Chocolate's History: From Ancient America to Modern Cafes
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Hot chocolate is one of the most loved chocolaty concussions in the winter season. Thinking of winter reminds us of cosy blankets and a cup of hot chocolate while we enjoy the festive winter with the entire family. 

Hot chocolate, ever since its invention, has become a vital part of winter festivities, and it's hard to imagine Christmas without it.  This delightful beverage has comforted souls and warmed fingertips for generations. But have you ever paused and wondered about the origins of this delicious drink and who exactly got the idea of making it? 

No, it's not the Europeans who first made chocolate. The first making of hot chocolate can be traced back thousands of years in the Central American Ancient Civilizations. It's said that Mayans were the first to create a hot drink out of cacao beans. However, their way of making it differed quite a lot. 

Let's dive into its history and how it came into existence. 

Mesoamerican Origins

Hot chocolate has its origins in Mesoamerica, where the ancient Aztecs and Mayans consumed a beverage known as "xocolātl." Back then, this comforting drink was made from roasted and ground cacao beans mixed with water and added spices such as chilli peppers. The resulting drink was a bitter liquid, vastly served during elite occasions and rituals. The Aztecs believed it had various medicinal properties.

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Spanish Conquest and European Evolution:

After the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, hot chocolate was introduced to Europe, where it evolved into the sweetened, dairy-based hot chocolate that everyone is more familiar with today. The transformation of this bitter drink into a sweet relish began after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. After discovering this drink, Spanish rulers brought it to Europe and changed the bitter, spicy taste into a sweet beverage with the introduction of sugar and honey in the original recipe. This beverage then gained huge popularity among the elites in Europe. By the 17th century, this drink became a fashionable and sought-after beverage among everyone and spread from the Royal courts of Spain to modern countries of Europe. The addition of milk in the 18th century refined the drink, making it the creamy, comforting hot chocolate we know today.

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 Global Indulgence:

Just like a story passed down through generations, hot chocolate started its journey in the ancient lands of the Aztecs and Mayans. From those early days, it's as if hot chocolate packed its bags and travelled the world, mingling with different cultures and flavours. Today, this hot and cosy beverage plays an important part in winter festival traditions and is consumed with love worldwide. 

With this, let's commemorate the ancient history of this delightful concoction while wrapping hands around the mug and appreciate the journey it took, from ancient Mesoamerican rituals to European refinement, to become a cherished part of our winter traditions.