Hosting Brunch At Home? 8 Ideas For A Foodie Weekend Hang

On weekends, what's a better idea than waking up later than usual and sipping on some coffee while catching up on the news? And when that's done, what a delightful feeling it is to potter about the kitchen at a leisurely pace whipping up something for a hearty brunch. Inviting family and friends over for brunch or stepping out to have a late breakfast that morphs into brunch is a comforting activity on the weekend. The word brunch itself epitomises this meal, had later than breakfast but earlier than lunch and that involves feasting on some mouthwatering dishes that fill you up enough to skip the afternoon meal.

Cooking brunch at home and laying the table for a gathering of people to simply relax and lounge about is a wholesome prospect. Lay the brunch out in your balcony or on your patio for a more refreshing feel as you enjoy these leisurely hours. 

Choosing a brunch menu is just as important when you are hosting this event. A light meal might be too meagre to serve as a feast enough to skip lunch. On the other hand, too heavy a spread will be too much for a mid-morning repast. So, planning a carefully curated brunch menu is integral to making this gathering a success! Read on below for some brunch ideas that you can work with while hosting this weekend hang:

Egg Dishes

Make a mushroom and spinach frittata or a pot of scrambled eggs or even some delicious mini quiches as ideal brunch alternatives. You can pair egg dishes with warm, buttered toast, some jam and freshly squeezed fruit juices for a delicious and airy meal enjoyed at leisure. You can also serve made-to-order omelette variations if you want to make and serve warm eggs.

Misal Pav

One of the most popular brunch dishes from Maharashtra is the misal pav. Misal brings together a sprouts curry, some crunchy namkeen, a generous garnish of sev, coriander and some finely chopped onions into a tempting mix that is hard to resist. Paired with pav or untoasted bread, misal pav is an ingenious brunch option. Wash it down with chaas to soothe the fiery heat of the curry.


Ladle some warm cheelas on the pan to make a nourishing and wholesome brunch for a close gathering of friends and family. You can opt for the pesarrattu, a warm southern Indian cheela recipe made from fermented moong. The mix dal cheela is also a good variation along with the classic rice flour cheela recipe. Serve the cheela with a side of pickles and some fresh cut fruits or a veggie salad.

Grilled Sandwiches

If you have a brunch party coming over which includes kids and young adults, making simple grilled sandwiches or aloo toast will make you a favourite among the young ones! Be sure to add tons of grated cheese in the veggie grilled sandwiches and use good quality parmesan or cheddar for making a plain, cheese grilled variation. Keep 2 or 3 sandwich variations at the ready and serve with ketchup and a mayo dip.


Make fluffy, steamy and puffed up dhoklas, a popular Gujarati snack, for brunch and serve with a delicious coriander and mint chutney. You can go for the usual besan flour dhokla or prepare the white rava dhokla for a different and tasty variation. Serve the dhokla with a tempering of mustard, curry leaves and dried chillies to enhance its flavour.

Aloo Parathas

Make stuffed aloo parathas for a classic brunch and serve with generous helpings of curd and pickle. The northern Indian breakfast recipe works just as well for brunch because it can fill you up without making you feel too stuffed. Pair the aloo paratha meal with a steaming cup of chai to complete the brunch feast.

Idli Sambar

This southern Indian breakfast dish can be served for brunch with a side of chutney and ghee. You can also make some podi idli or butter idli or some crispy idli fry to add a bit of a texture and crunch to this hearty and wholesome meal. Opt for warn dosa or uttappam that can be made from the fermented batter to be savoured with sambar and some aloo subzi.

Veggie Frankie

A frankie made from freshly rolled or even leftover chapatis is a clever brunch recipe that is tasty and filling. You can make the veggie wrap out of a fresh salad and mayo and add some crushed paneer or shredded chicken to give the dish a bit of extra volume. Toast the chapati lightly on the pan to warm up the wrap before serving with a side of dips. Accompanied by freshly squeezed fruit juices or a fruit platter, the veggie roll is a suitable option for a light brunch.