Hosting A Monthly Game Night? Here Are 6 Tips To Make It A Hit
Image Credit: Unsplash

Hosting house parties, game nights, and movie marathons is a great way of maintaining a healthy social life with your friends and family. Inviting your loved ones over to your place and having a gala time all sounds so perfect. However, if you are a person who plans things at the last minute, the game night might turn out to be messy.

To ensure that you, as the host, have a stress-free time and that your guests can enjoy it to the maximum, you should plan ahead and keep these tips handy. Right from picking out games to planning out the foods and drinks, this article will help you host a game night every month without having to worry or panic about the day.

Set Up The Games

The first step to planning a game night is figuring out what all you and your friends will be playing. Be it cards or video games, you should set up the gaming area so that you can jump right to it without wasting any time. If you’re planning to play some board games, you should take them out as well, as finding the cupboard that has them would make you act on your feet all night long.

Prepare Snacks

No matter how good games you plan for your night, if you don’t have great food, your party will not be called a success. So, plan out the menu and prepare the snacks in advance. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to spend the night in the kitchen preparing an elaborate meal, so make quick foods like fries, onion rings, popcorn, garlic bread, etc. 

Arrange A Comfy Spot

Before your guests arrive, you should have comfortable seating arranged. If you’re having a large group, you can probably clear our living room space. And if you’re having a gathering of your close-knit circle, you can bring out a mattress and arrange a cosy seating where everyone can sit, eat, and play games.

Figure Out The Lighting

Since you’re hosting a game night, you should figure out a way to have adequate lighting. Be it while playing cards or keeping your eyes on the screen for video games, you shouldn’t strain your or your guests’ eyes. So, instead of making it aesthetic by just keeping fairy lights, use more lighting.

Have A Drinks Counter

Obviously, serving snacks would not be enough. You’ll need to have a drinks counter where people can pick and choose their drinks. Depending on the guest list, you can keep the ingredients of mocktails or cocktails ready with some ice and soda bottles apart from liquor and base liquids. This way, your guests can serve themselves a drink with food, and you don’t have to spend all night making beverages.

Set Up Music

Lastly, you should figure out which music should be on your list. You can imagine what fuss it can be to choose the right music for the right audience when done at the last minute. If you know your guests well enough, you can create a playlist or make one and ask everyone to add their favourite songs to the list for smooth and uninterrupted background music.