Hornbill Festival 2022: Don't Miss These Local Delicacies
Image Credit: Ishani Nath (Pork with Bamboo Shoot and Dal with boiled leafy vegetables)

The 10-day-long Hornbill Festival going on in village Kisama, showcases the traditional life, culture, and food of Naga culture. For those who don’t know, the Hornbill Festival is named after a colourful forest bird and is a grand celebration brought to life each year in Nagaland. People from all across the globe flock to village Kisama and witness the rich cultural heritage.  

When we talk of Nagaland, it is not possible that we don’t talk about the food there. The cuisine of Nagaland is known for its simplicity and flavours. It has kept the unique culture and customs of over 15 tribal groups knitted in the state. Naga cuisine is a delight that you should not miss especially when you are there to enjoy one of the most happening festivals in the country. Let us take you through some of the amazing food of Nagaland that you just can’t afford to miss! 

Bamboo Shoot 

Bamboo Shoot is a quintessential ingredient not just in Nagaland but the whole North East. Mainly used in pork preparation, Bamboo shoot is used both in fermented as well as dried form. Pork with bamboo shoot and fish with bamboo are some common delights in Nagaland. This staple dish of the Lotha tribe also made it to the Hornbill festival 2022 and is being enjoyed a lot.  

Axone Smoked Pork 

Also known as akhuni, it is a popular delicacy made of fermented soybean and fondly eaten in Nagaland. Usually served as a side dish in cake and powdered form, it is prepared in different ways. Some make smoked pork in Axone while some have dried river fish with Axone. Angami tribe’s smoked pork is one of the most loved dishes in the Hornbill festival. 

                  Image credits: Ishani Nath (Smoked pork of Angami Tribe)


Made with Colocasia, cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and other vegetables, Hinkejvu is a simple yet scrumptious dish you can find in the Hornbill Festival 2022. This vegetarian dish is a staple in almost every household and is usually paired with rice. Talking about vegetarian food, another vegetarian delight in the state that you can find at the festival is veggies with sticky rice. Don’t forget to try it! 

             Image credits: Ishani Nath (Veggies with Sticky rice at Khonoma)

Rosep Aon 

A staple and favourite dish of the Ao Naga Tribe, Rosep Aon is made with dry fish, bamboo shoots, and Sichuan pepper leaves. Usually consumed as a side dish, it is loaded with a goodness of vegetables and the flavours of fermented bamboo shoots and dry fish.  


Yet another traditional dish of the Ao tribe, Amrusu is a dish with porridge-like consistency and is made up of ground rice, chicken, and bamboo shoots. The amazing flavours of green chili, garlic, and ginger lend a great taste to the dish and make it worth a try. If you are there at the Hornbill festival 2022, don’t forget to give it a try! 

Naga cuisine offers a lot. If you want to taste the sublime flavours of the rich Naga cuisine, look no further and head to the Hornbill Festival 2022!