Honeydew Water: Hydrating And Stomach Friendly
Image Credit: Honeydew water

Whether it's through herbs, fruits, or spices, we're constantly looking for new ways to increase our water intake. Even if some of us enjoy lemon water as much as any hydration addict, it might not be everyone's preferred beverage. According to experts, most people don't experience any bad health effects from drinking lemon water, but if you suffer from acid reflux or other associated conditions, you might want to avoid doing so. It might not be the best for your teeth because of the strong acid content. A delightful beverage that won't likely upset sensitive stomachs for those seeking a lower-acid option is water prepared with seasonal fruits like honeydew. 

How To Make Honeydew Water 

There are numerous techniques to make honeydew water, and they are all quite simple to carry out. For cool drinks on hot summer days, freeze some diced honeydew overnight and add the cubes to a glass of water. This is very delicious and gives you a treat after you've hydrated. 

A honeydew melon's juice can be added to a glass of water to make a delicious morning beverage, or you can just add some fresh melon balls or slices to a glass of water. Honeydew is such a great addition to any summer meal or activity when it is in season because it is so rich in sweet, fresh flavour and essential nutrients. 

Health Benefits 

Honeydew contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamin C (more than 50% of your daily requirements per serving) and potassium (more than 10% of your daily baseline), but you would obviously need to drink a lot of honeydew water to get these benefits—unless, of course, you always eat the fruit after you sip. Calcium-rich and loaded with phytochemicals, honeydew is a great food (but so are many other fruits and vegetables, so feel free to experiment with various melons or in-season fruits to find the right water addition for you). 

Furthermore, honeydew is a nutrient-rich food that can help with optimum hydration, attain glowing skin, and support the development of a healthy heart— all advantages of consuming foods like melon and other anti-inflammatory foods like water and lots of it. The fruit is a fantastic pre- or post-workout snack because it is high in electrolytes. 

In addition, all medical professionals agree that drinking acidic drinks like lemon water is safe unless it bothers your stomach. Lemon, after all, contains little sugar and a lot of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant. Both can be excellent choices as long as you don't view these liquids as cures for all health problems and instead appreciate their flavours, hydration, and potential nutritional benefits.