Honey Mango Berry And Coconut Ice Cream: Try This Yummy Treat This Summer
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

“Ice cream is happiness condensed,” said Jessi Lane Adams. And well, to date we cannot deny this. No matter what the weather might be, anyone who loves desserts would find it hard to say no to ice cream. Be it your classic scoop in a cone, a fancier hot chocolate sundae or the classic tutti frutti, digging into the sweet sugary goodness is a feeling unmatched. However, the debate over the best variety of ice cream - Gelato in Italy, Ice Cream in America and Kulfi in India, remains unsolved. But for foodies like us, it hardly matters. We enjoy each of them equally, and secretly crave the other.  

The history of ice cream is obscure, as some say that Marco Polo introduced ice cream to Italy, while certain biblical passages trace its origin to iced drinks that were enjoyed by King Solomon. Some suggest that the Romans started preparing ice cream when ice was collected and stacked in ice houses (straw covered pits). It was in the 17th century that we saw a change in the way desserts were served and eaten. That's when sorbets were invented in Naples. It's during this time that frozen desserts became quite popular.  

However, the milk-based ice cream is known to be a Chinese invention. The emperors of the Tang Dynasty are believed to be the first to eat ‘a frozen milk-like confection’. It was made using buffalo or cow milk and flour, to which camphor was added for flavour. The mixture was poured into metal tubes and kept in an ice pool until frozen.  

Over time, we have come up with many interesting flavours that go beyond vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We now have kesar, caramel, coffee and fruit flavours too. And we even have chilli ice cream now! While we agree that certain flavours are more popular than the other, there would rarely be anyone who wouldn’t like ice cream in summers with some mango, and when it’s made with healthy ingredients, devoid of refined sugar, who would say no?  

So, here we’ve got an ice cream recipe that you can try at home. The good thing about making homemade ice cream is that you are assured of the quality and quantity of the ingredients of the ice cream. It would be fresh - including fruits, nuts and seeds - which would ultimately result in the ice cream being good for everyone in the family. So, if you’re craving a yummy summer treat after eating your meal, this Honey Mango Berry and Coconut Ice Cream by Eatopia World is, perhaps, your best pick.

Image: Freepik


1 cup full cream coconut milk 

1 large cup mango cubes 

1 tablespoon mixed berry jam 

2 tablespoon honey 

1/2 cup whipped cream 

1 teaspoon saffron water 


1. Dice mango cubes and put them in the mixer. 

2. Add coconut milk and saffron water to the mixer along with mixed berry jam and honey and grind them well. 

3. Whip up some cream and add the previous mixture to it. 

4. Place the blend in a bowl and freeze it for 2-3 hours. 

5. Garnish it with dry fruits and your ice cream is ready to be served.