The sores or lesions that develop in your mouth are referred to as mouth ulcers. The probability of developing this ailment is typically higher in adolescents, women, and persons with a family history of ulcers. Mouth ulcers heal on their own in one to two weeks and are not contagious. Mouth ulcers can have a variety of reasons. Tongue-biting injuries, braces or retainers, dental treatment injuries, burns from consuming hot food, and injuries from braces or retainers are all causes of tongue ulcers in humans. 

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It should be emphasised that tongue ulcers may affect people of all ages, from youth to middle-aged and elderly persons. Mouth ulcers are not a serious health problem and fade away on their own in a few days or weeks. Home treatments, on the other hand, can aid in the quicker healing of these ulcers.  


There are many healthy qualities in honey. You might not know that it can also be a successful treatment for mouth ulcers, though. Put some honey on the ulcers and leave it alone. You risk mistakenly ingesting the honey that has been applied along with your saliva because the ulcers are in your mouth. You must, however, continue to apply honey to the ulcer sites every several hours. Honey contains antibacterial qualities that can help any open wound heal rapidly. The honey not only heals the ulcer but also guards against infections. 

Coconut Oil 

Most of India uses coconut oil for a wide range of purposes. However, only a small percentage of individuals are aware of its ability to treat mouth ulcers. Simply dab some coconut oil over the ulcer's surface and let it there. Additionally, you can use it before bed at night. Like honey, coconut oil has antibacterial qualities that assist in naturally lessenig ulcers. Your oral ulcers can be treated with the same substance's analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying the oil might lessen the discomfort brought on by mouth ulcers. 

Clove Oil 

One of the most popular spice blends in India, garam masala, must include clove. The flower bud is used to make clove oil. Many different natural remedies, including those for toothaches and sore mouths, use this extract. Apply the oil directly to the ulcer in the case of oral ulcers using a little piece of cloth. Wait until the oil is fully absorbed by the ulcer tissue. Prior to using the clove oil, don't forget to rinse your mouth with warm water. By doing so, the ulcer area's surface will be cleaned. Eugenol and antibacterial qualities in clove aid with any mouth problems. Applying this oil helps to alleviate inflammation and soreness. 

Coconut Milk 

You can gargle with coconut milk if you have mouth ulcers. This is one of the greatest remedies for mouth ulcer. Repeated three to four times daily, you should experience a calming effect and less discomfort coming from your ulcers. 


Since it has antimicrobial properties, turmeric is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. Turmeric is excellent in reducing mouth ulcer pain and inflammation in addition to fighting infections. The item also possesses antibacterial qualities. Add some water add turmeric powder. Form a thick paste by combining. Use this paste twice daily in the morning and evening on the ulcers. After a few minutes, leave it on and thoroughly rinse it off. The distinction ought to be instantly apparent. 

These home remedies aid in treating the problem; however, if it persists, it is preferable to consult a doctor.