Home Remedies And First Aid For Kitchen Burns
Image Credit: Honey is a good domestic cure for burns | Unsplash

Cooking is a hobby, passion and profession. For some of us, our kitchen is the ultimate area of worship, of rejuvenation and sometimes, a battlefield. And when you are on a battlefield, it is certain that you are at the risk of being wounded. When working in the kitchen, sometimes we cut our fingers, sometimes we chip our nails, and other times, we get burnt by the utensils or hot oil. And burns in the kitchen can be very painful and inconvenient if you have a whole lot of cooking left to do. Sometimes, we are not equipped with the medicines or balms that might be required to put even a temporary end to the pain from our burns. Let us look at some domestic first aid treatments that can be done with products lying right there in our kitchen shelves and drawers.

Cold water - The tried, tested and recommended cold water will never not be number one on this list. Any burn should be washed with cold water for 10-15 minutes and this works in both first- and second-degree burns. The best would be using cold running water but if that is not possible, immerse the burnt part in a bowl or tub full of cold water till the pain subsides a little. 

Aloe vera – The aloe vera plant is often called the burn plant. The pulp of aloe vera plant is a naturally cooling agent and after being applied on the burnt area, it provides instant relief. But beware of using aloe vera gel on your burns and if you do, go for the products that have the least preservatives and more aloe vera content.

Aloe vera gel is a cooling agent | Unsplash

– A layer of vinegar is very helpful in subsiding the extreme pain that burns in the kitchen might cause. Vinegar diluted with equal parts water acts as a great antiseptic and stops the growth of bacteria. Use a clean cotton cloth to apply diluted vinegar to the burnt area.

Honey – It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, thus helping honey become of great use to treat minor burns in the kitchen. Honey helps subside the pain by drawing out fluids from the tissues and starting the healing process. It needs to be applied with a cotton bandage. 

Tea bags – If you thought tea could only make your mornings better, let us tell you that tea bags can come in handy if you want to treat your minor kitchen burns. Both black and green tea bags can be used for this purpose. All you have to do is take a bowl full of cool water. Then, dip the tea bags in it and gently apply those wet bags on the area of the burn. This will not only help control the spread of infection, but provide instant relief. 

While all of these tips are useful and can be used in case there is a minor accident in the kitchen, remember to always consult the doctor if you do not get relief by these methods. Use antiseptic creams and always take suggestions from a professional.