Thandai To Bhang Flavoured Dishes To Make For Holi Breakfast

A time for excitement, celebration, and indulging in delectable food, Holi is a festival that celebrates the dazzling colours of the rainbow. On this colourful day, houses all over India are a buzz of activity as the day begins, preparing a wide variety of delectable specialties to be shared with their loved ones and friends. A Holi breakfast is a special treat, as it is a combination of traditional and innovative recipes that come together to produce a gastronomic experience that reflects the spirit of the festival. On the morning of Holi, the breakfast table is a sight to behold, especially when it comes to the rich and aromatic Thandai-flavored sweets as well as the savoury delights that are laced with Bhang. 

Thandai-flavoured Halwa 

Wake up to the scent of ghee-roasted semolina that has been imbued with the essence of Thandai, a dish that is characteristic of a Holi feast! The richness of traditional Halwa is combined with the fragrant notes of Thandai masala to create a rich and delicious delight known as Thandai-flavored Halwa. This decadent meal, which is adorned with a liberal sprinkle of chopped nuts and dried fruits, is certain to get your Holi celebrations off to a lovely start from the very beginning. 

Bhang Ke Pakode 

Without a serving of Pakode, there is no such thing as a complete Holi breakfast. However, consider fritters that are fried to perfection and laced with the intoxicating flavour of bhang. These delicious treats, which are golden brown in colour and made from a batter consisting of besan and spicy ingredients, deliver a powerful punch with each bite. You may add a touch of merriment and celebration to your morning spread by serving Bhang Ke Pakode alongside a tart tamarind chutney or a refreshing mint yoghurt dip. 

Kesar Pista Smoothie 

If you are not a fan of thandai but would like to begin your Holi celebrations with something that is both refreshing and exciting you should make a batch of Kesar Pista Smoothie at home. This fresh beverage is a smooth and luxurious beverage that is as pleasant to the eye as it is to the palate. It is created by combining the creamy goodness of milk with the delicate flavours of saffron and pistachios, creating in a beverage that is full of flavour and smoothness. It is the ideal method to beat the heat of the morning and to excite your senses in preparation for a day filled with celebration when it is served chilled. 

Gulaab Flavoured Tea 

A piping hot cup of Gulaab Flavoured Tea will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your Holi breakfast experience. This fragrant beverage serves as a lovely alternative to the conventional chai, as it is infused with the flavour of rose petals and aromatic spices. Gulaab Flavoured Tea adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your morning ritual, whether it is sipped with a splash of milk or savoured black. It also helps to set the tone for a day that is filled with love and laughter thanks to its sophisticated flavour. 

Methi Mathis 

Methi mathis are the ideal breakfast treat for individuals who are in the mood for a savoury indulgence during the Holi festival. The fragrant dough of wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, and spices is used to make these bite-sized snacks, which are then deep-fried to golden perfection. These snacks are crisp and bite-sized. In addition to being able to be stored for a long time, you can enhance the flavour of these items by combining them with a mango pickle or a green chutney that has a sour flavour. 

Pre-made Gujiyas 

If you want to save time without sacrificing flavour, you might want to think about making a batch of Gujiyas ahead of time. These sweet dumplings, which are filled with a rich mixture of khoya, almonds, and aromatic spices, are a traditional dish that everyone enjoys eating during the Holi festival. To add a last touch of sweetness, simply dust them with powdered sugar after frying or baking them until they are golden and crisp. To create a breakfast that is not only easy but also indulgent, serve it over a steaming cup of masala chai.