Holi 2024: A Complete Guide To Planning A Festive Brunch At Home

If you’re planning to throw a brunch party at home for Holi, the colourful spirit of the celebration should also reflect in the setting you plan on creating for your guests. Nothing compares to the joyous celebration that combines the warmth of the holiday and the pleasure of sharing a delightful meal with loved ones. As the air is fills with the tinge of gulaal and the aroma of festive dishes, a table burstin with abundance of food and drink is sure to make everyone happy. Planning the perfect Holi brunch at home involves a combination of thoughtful preparation, a top-notch festive menu and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Date & Time

Setting the date and time for your brunch is a thoughtful decision since that also means your guests know to make time to attend your gathering and fully be part of the celebrations. Pick between morning or early afternoon hours, allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely and festive start to the day.

Festive Atmosphere

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Creating a festive atmosphere involves infusing every corner of your home with the enchantment and charm of the spirit of celebrations. Start off by adorning your space with fresh flowers, vibrant bowls of coloured powders and festive ornaments, transforming it into a Holi wonderland. Use tie-dye tablecloths and napkins, add a touch of elegance and warmth through tableware and décor elements. Consider incorporating potpourri with seasonal fragrances like jasmine to give your visitors a sensory experience. Do not underestimate the energy music can infuse into elevating the atmosphere and instantly putting your guests at ease.

Menu Planning

Curate a menu that balances traditional Indian flavours with a touch of innovation. Consider featuring classic dishes and break from stereotypes by adding a charcuterie board, fusion desserts and more. Add a vibrant touch with a fruit salad bursting with seasonal colours and flavours. Satisfy sweet cravings by including a variety of themed desserts, use punny names to label dishes and even have a great background for your guests to click photos of the delicious food.

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Set-Up A Beverage Station

Having a designated beverage station at your brunch will give you ample space in the kitchen to put together various plates of food. Prepare a large pot of freshly brewed coffee, allowing its rich aroma to permeate the air. Offer an assortment of teas, including interesting flavour blends such as spiced chai or peppermint. Elevate the experience with a selection of beverages like thandai, fruit juices, milkshakes or even decadent hot chocolate.

Offer A Cocktail Bar

Bifurcating the beverages from the cocktail bar will allow guests to pick from the selection of non-alcoholic drinks or libations such as a glass of chilled sparkling wine or champagne, cocktails and more. Include bowls of fresh berries, slices of citrus fruits and fresh herbs for your guests to make their own drinks and garnish them. You can also offer scotch or malt options, or simply prepare a large batch of festive punch or a bhang-spiked thandai, to add a touch of indulgence to your bar.