Holi 2024: 7 Chicken Snacks To Add To Your Party Platter
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Holi is the vibrant festival of colours that is widely celebrated in India for the arrival of spring, renewal, hope and new beginnings. However, modern-day celebrations of such festivals are quite big and contain modern elements like music, dancing, food, drinks and many more. Hence, no party is complete with dishes and drinks for people to enjoy while playing with colours.

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Even though a majority of Indians are vegetarian there is also a great portion of people who prefer non-vegetarian as their source of protein. Hence, if you plan on hosting a party, you should be mindful about catering to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests and leave no one unhappy, especially with the flooding food and drinks, because that is what makes the celebration more fun.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka should be a must on your Holi platter. This dish features succulent chicken marinated blended in yoghurt and aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric, then grilled to perfection. Chicken tikka tantalises taste buds with its smoky and savoury flavour. This dish is often served with zesty mint chutney and tangy tamarind sauce to give a contrast and cooling effect to the spicy flavours.

Chicken Pakoras

Made from succulent chicken pieces marinated in a blend of spices such as ginger, garlic, and aromatic Indian herbs, each bite bursts with flavour. Coated in a light chickpea flour batter, these pakoras fry to golden perfection, offering a satisfying crunch. Served hot with zesty mint chutney or tangy tamarind sauce, they promise to elevate your Holi celebrations with their irresistible taste and texture.

Chicken Sheekh Kebab

Kebab, a dish from Mughal cuisine, is made from minced chicken with aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, and garam masala. These kebabs are grilled for that tantalising smoky aroma and a juicy, tender texture. Served with tangy mint chutney and a squeeze of fresh lemon, these kebabs are the perfect addition to your festive platter, which will surely elevate the dining experience of your guests.

Chicken Momos

Succulent Chicken Momos, a flavorful addition to your festive platter. Crafted with tender minced chicken seasoned with aromatic spices like garlic, ginger, and green chillies, these delectable dumplings offer a burst of savoury goodness in every bite. Served steaming hot, accompanied by tangy tomato chutney or spicy Szechuan sauce, they provide the perfect balance of flavours. 

Chicken 65

A variety of flavours is what makes a party platter more interesting and enticing for your guests. Chicken 65, a dish from the South of India, consists of southern flavours like curry leaves. Apart from this, it also has a perfectly balanced blend of red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, sugar, etc. Served dry with some lemon juice and soothing mint chutney or yoghurt dip, it helps to balance that crispy texture and spicy kick.

Chicken Choila

This Nepali delicacy features marinated grilled chicken, typically seasoned with a blend of traditional spices like cumin, coriander, and chilli powder, lending it a rich and aromatic profile. Served with tangy lemon juice, fresh cilantro, and piquant green chillies, chicken choila tantalises the taste buds with its smoky, spicy, and citrusy notes, making it the perfect snack to savour amidst the festive fervour of Holi celebrations.

Chicken satay

Chicken satay is a popular dish from Indonesia, and it features tender chicken on bamboo skewers with a blend of turmeric, cumin, ginger and garlic. Like tikka or kebabs, these skewers are also grilled on an open fire for that charred flavour and served with a peanut sauce, and this is a must. Without the peanut sauce, a satay is no way traditional. However, it is also served with shredded cucumbers and pickled onions for a tangy and refreshing kick to the dish.