Holi 2023: Tips To Gert Rid Of Bhang Hangover, Aka Bhangover

While the festival of Holi is all about colour and sweets, it wouldn't be complete without bhang and thandai. At Holi, bhang is offered in a variety of dishes, including pakora, brownies, and thandai. Bhang consumption on Holi is regarded as a significant family custom in many cultures. But ingesting bhang carries risks of its own. It may result in headaches, nausea, and dehydration. As a result, when using bhang, one should exercise caution. It spreads quickly within the body, therefore it can be extremely effective when used sparingly and in conjunction with other medications. Limited doses are still prescribed for it by Ayurveda doctors. Bhang has long been used as a herb to treat illnesses, despite the lack of scientific support. 

The hangover from bhang is very different from an alcohol hangover because bhang activates bodily functioning. Here are some recommendations and safety measures to take in order to enjoy Holi! 

Avoid Caffeine 

Coffee and tea can make your hangover worse. It may be more difficult to recover from a hangover if you consume too much caffeine, which is common in tea and coffee. A diuretic action of coffee is claimed to cause dehydration. Avoid drinking tea or coffee as a result. 

Drink Plenty of Fluids 

When you are dehydrated, bhang might have negative effects on your health. Hence, if you have or plan to ingest bhang, increase your water intake. You can drink a glass of fresh milkshake; the banana will keep the sickness away. 

Go for Herbal Teas 

Black tea and coffee may make you feel worse from a hangover, but herbal teas will help. A cup of rose or jasmine tea helps calm your body, so choose one of them. Herbal teas' antioxidants can aid in recovery from a hangover. 

Have Tulsi Nimbu Pani

You've all probably heard that eating khatta or citrusy can help you recover from a hangover. The desi nimbu pani is the best remedy for a hangover. Lemon's vitamin C and antioxidants can help people feel less heavy after taking bhang. 


Consume food that is high in fibre. Foods high in fibre aid in preventing the bhang’s intoxicated effects. To avoid a worsening of the hangover, avoid eating on an empty stomach. Eat less fried and oily meals. Eat fresh salad, fruits, and fresh juices to detox after consuming bhang. Fresh food's fibre aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Consuming laxatives may also prove beneficial. 

Stay Full  

Make sure your stomach is full before consuming any sort of bhang. Keep some nuts handy so that you can keep eating from time to time. And best is to avoid less fried and calorie-dense food. Certain meals aggravate the affects of a hangover.  

To treat a bhang-related headache, avoid taking painkillers. It might be hazardous, especially if you have a health problem. A cool bath filled with lukewarm water can also be beneficial for calming the nerves and easing headaches.