Holi 2023 – Tips To Cook Efficiently For A Big Crowd
Image Credit: Holi fests are delicious but tiring to make | Unsplash

The festive season is here. Holi brings a lot of joy, colours and love into our lives along with the pompous celebrations. And along with these celebrations, comes food. Good food is an essential part of any festival in India. There are different dishes for different festivals and each of them are equally delicious. For a country so fixated on food, it is obvious that a lot of discussions, talks, fun happens over joint and shared meals. So, every festival becomes our own excuse to feast on good food. Every festival is a giant party to us.

Doesn't that make life difficult for people who are supposed to cook during these festivals for the entire family? Usually it is our mothers, my sisters and wives who are left to toil while the rest of the family enjoys the festivities. The focus of festival should be celebrating it equally with your entire family and not to put onus of tasks on one individual. This Holi, if you are cooking for a huge crowd then let us give you some tips with which you will not just be found inside the kitchen during the festival but you can efficiently manage your time and enjoy the celebrations completely.

Chop the night before 

To have a lot of extra time, you can chop your vegetables the night before. Usually, chopping takes up a lot of unnecessary times during the they of the feast. You have to entertain the guests, take part in the rituals and of course have some fun for yourselves. So, if you do chopping the night before then couple of hours will be saved very efficiently.

Big batches of drinks

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Whether it is mocktails, cocktails or the typical Indian thandai, prepare them once in a very big batch and keep disposable plastic glasses in front of the vessel so that the guests can serve themselves. This will save you a lot of time because giving everyone their separate drink can be a time taking process. Instead, the guests can get as many servings of their favorite drink as they want.

Meal Prepping 

Another very efficient way to save time on the day of Holi is to start meal prepping a couple of days before. You can grind the masalas, make ginger-garlic paste, prepare the chutney but even do things as basic as keeping the recipes of all the dishes together. So, meal prepping helps save a lot of time.

Store-bought supplies 

Of course, it is a party that you want to personalize till the very last detail ,but there is no harm in buying some stuff from the market that is easily accessible in the stores but very difficult to make at home. it is absolutely fine to buy frozen or ready-made stuff for the parties.

So, use these efficient methods and enjoy your Holi not just in the kitchen but celebrate it with everyone, together.