Thandai Ke Gubbare To Celebrate The Holi Flavours

Food and celebrations go hand in hand, and a festival isn't complete without a delectable fare. We have justifications to indulge in delectable food all year long thanks to India's varied culture and various festivities. The third month of 2023 is here, and we have already observed two significant holidays—Lohri and Makarsankranti—and are prepared to observe a third one next week. The anticipation of dousing one another in vibrant colours and then indulging in soul food has begun to build as Holi approaches. Holi has always been celebrated with the customary Dahi-Bhalla and Gujiyas. Why not attempt a wonderful fusion recipe this year to give it a little twist? 

We asked home chef Vaishnavi Patil Dhumal, who recently moved to London, to share some Holi delicacies that she is putting together to jazz up her Holi scenes. Vaishnavi is unstoppable when it comes to enjoying Indian holidays.

आमचे दाराशी हाय शिमगा  

सण शिमग्याचा आयलाय रे आमचे गावानं! 

आमचे दाराशी हाय शिमगा 

These are beautiful lines she has grown listening which are sung on Festival of colours, Holi. She shares that in Maharashtra it begins with Shimga celebration Fortnight. All the preparations use to began a week before the celebration. A day before rangpanchami, use to be so much fun as her mother use to make Puran polis and sweets for Holi and there use to be many performances like dance and singing. she says, "the next day we use to wake up and run to grab colours and fill water in balloons. This used to be my motivation for the entire day. We kids use to receive ‘Posad’ (money), it’s a token of love from elders for Holi. So collection of maximum posaad use to be our target so that we kids can party in evening."    

So keeping in mind those balloons and bucket full of water, She has come up with ‘Thandai Gubbare’ to celebrate the Holi this year. The speciality of this recipe is the BURST of flavour you will experience with the goodness of thandai and amazing chocolate crust in your mouth. 

Well, before you all get carried away by the flavours of this wonderful dish, let's start creating it. The recipe is provided below. 

Thandai ke Gubbare  


Instant Thandai powder 

10-12 Almonds  

10-12 Cashews 

1 tbsp Pistachio  

1 tbsp dried rose petals 

1 tsp poppy seeds 

3-4 Cardamon 

1/2 tsp Fennel seeds 

4-5 Black peppercorns 

A pinch of kesar 


250ml milk 

2 tbsp sugar 

2 tbsp Thandai powder 


125grams White chocolate  


Dry roast all the ingredients, don’t make them brown just heat is fine and grind to a powder. Now mix Pinch of Nutmeg powder. A pinch of cinnamon. The instant thandai powder is ready. 

In a juice grinder add all the ingredients and blend it to delicious Thandai. Now take an ice tray, preferably a semi-circle and pour the thandai. Allow it to set for few hours.Once set remove and join them together to form a ball. 

Melt the chocolate using double boiling method. Do not use oven. You may also use colourful chocolates if you have handy. Use toothpick to hold these balls. Dip the Thandai balls twice in white chocolate to get a good coating. Don’t dip too much as it will become thick. Now dip this directly in chilled water and hold for 30 seconds. Set them in fridge for 3 hours.  

Enjoy your Holi with BURST-IN-MOUTH flavours from Thandai Gubbare.! Wish you and your family a very happy and safe Holi!