Serving Scrumptious Snacks? Keep These Tips Handy

One of India's most enjoyable celebrations is Holi. It's a time when everyone gets together to celebrate with food and drink in abundance, as well as colours and water. The Holi celebration is just as colourful as the festival. Holi festivities offer something for everyone, including live music performances and themed parties. Let's not forget about the mouthwatering meals and beverages, however. Yet, if you want to host a successful Diwali party at your home for family and friends, you'll need a variety of different ideas for snacks. Your taste buds will always be in for a treat when you eat finger foods. As a treat for your stomach, serve them with classic masala chai, thandaai, jaljeera, masala chaach, or other Desi drinks. To serve the ideal Holi snacks, there are some dos and don'ts that you should keep in mind. 

Keep it light: Snacks aren't a whole meal. These are simply small appetisers that are meant to whet your appetite rather than to full you up. You can provide dishes like potato wedges, fries, and onion rings. You can also provide traditional Holi snacks like papad, kachoris, mathi, moong dal samosas, etc. 

Make the appetisers appear appealing: They should be sumptuous and enticing to the eye. To make the food look more attractive, use tiny, colourful spoons and toothpicks with fluorescent rims. 

Keep it clean: The dip shouldn't be too liquid because it might spill on the table. Also, keep the snacks small enough to be picked up from the plates with the hands or toothpicks. 

Keep light flavours: Strong spices, such as peppers and chillies, can deprive one's taste buds of the drink's subtle tang. Keep the snacks basic by flavouring them with only a touch of salt and some mild pepper. 

Time for cooking: To preserve the optimum freshness and crispiness, snacks should be made as near to serving time as feasible. Otherwise, they risk becoming soggy. 

Add some frozen foods: Purchase goods that are well-frozen. It is important to carefully follow the instructions on the packages. If thawing is not necessary, use them straight from the freezer. As soon as possible, put the product back into the freezer. 

Prep your meals: Since Holi this year falls in the midst of the week, it's okay if you don't have much time to get your snacks ready. But don't panic, you can prepare your food ahead of time and refrigerate it before frying or serving. Like prepare the dough for gujiyas or mathi and clink wrap to refrigerate them.