Holi 2023: Festive Cocktails By Mixologist Dharmender Joshi
Image Credit: LIIT Thandai/The Drunken Botanist, Holi Drinks with a boozy touch

What is Holi without colours and water? Similarly, gujiya and thandai are two quintessential desserts and drinks, respectively, that have always been associated with the festival. The latter is a milk-based concoction full of nuts, seeds, rose petals, and fruity flavours. However, many add bhang, i.e., cannabis, to the drink to give it a kick.

Similarly, there are many interesting cocktails that one can make at home with the addition of alcohol. The boozy drinks have a festive flavour to them, which makes them perfect for the occasion of Holi. Dharmender Joshi, mixologist at The Drunken Botanist, Gurugram, shares some boozy festive beverages that you can’t miss this season.

1.   Epitome Paan Berry


    60 ml Tanquery Gin

    10 ml of gulkand syrup

    30 ml of passion fruit syrup

    10 ml lime juice


    Add the gin and gulkand syrup to a shaker.

    Pour the passion fruit syrup and lime juice and shake well.

    Pop some ice cubes in your glass and pour this concoction.

2.     Rang Rasiya 

A dark rum cocktail perfect for the festive occasion of Holi. Rang rasia is a colourful and magnificent treat to the eyes and super refreshing to the taste buds. 


    60 ml dark rum

    15 ml whipped cream

    75 ml orange and pineapple juice

Source: The Drunken Botanist


    Shake all ingredients with loads of ice.

    Garnish with pista flakes.