Holi 2022: What Makes Chaat So Significant To Holi, 5 Vegetarian Chaat Recipes
Image Credit: Pexels

The season of spring brings with it enough reasons to smile. In India, the season is inundated with many festivals, the biggest and the most widely celebrated one among them has to be the festival of Holi. Also called the festival of colours, Holi is perhaps the only time you dig out your old discarded clothes, because you are anticipating your friends and family to smear you in Gulaal and then drench you in a bucketful of water. ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai’, is the adage that is commonly associated with the festival, as everybody around you is in a mood to let loose and indulge in the fun and frolic. Speaking of indulgence, Holi is also the time to prepare an array of snacks and sweets. From Gujiyas, Thandai, to Bhaang, Kachori and Namak Pare, the list is endless. One of the common features in Holi celebrations of North India, especially in the region of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, is the presence of chaat. The tradition is actually very old and tied to the Ganga-Jamuni culture of India. Everybody is up for a round of chaat on Holi, because almost everybody is famished after playing Holi. So, everything is prepared for in advance, from beaten curd to homemade chutneys and papris. So that after you are exhausted, you do no have to hunt for food in the kitchen.

Chaat is easy to prepare and is so flavourful, which makes it perfect for any festive occasion. Here are our top five picks you can add to your Holi menu.  

Dahi Bhalle

Bhalle, are really spongy and squishy vadas made of lentils or gram flour. They are soaked in water before they are slathered over with yogurt, and then finally finished off with a dash of sweet and spicy chutneys and masalas.

Aloo Tikki

A crispy, stuffed potato patty coated in masalas, deep-fried till perfection. Served again with a generous dash of yogurt and tingling chutneys.  

Aloo Chaat

Arguably one of Delhi’s favourite chaats. Here potatoes are chopped up in small pieces, and generously coated in a mix of hot and tangy masalas, before being deep-fried. If holiday indulgence is about all things decadent, this fits the bill perfectly.  

Fruit Chaat

For all those health-conscious people looking for something light and mild. Chopped fruits like bananas, mangoes, apples, tossed with boiled potato, cumin powder, chaat masala, finished off with lemon juice.  

Pasta Chaat

A quirky chaat that will be loved by both kids and adults alike. This chaat made with boiled pasta, tossed in a tempting, tangy sauce also comes with the goodness of many veggies. An absolute stunner.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!