Holi 2022- It’s Raining Variety Of Gujiya’s This Festive Season
Image Credit: THE Park Indore (2)

Think Holi think gujiya of all types. Just like all festivities sees their iconic food, same way Holi and gujiya is just inseparable. Gujiya simply belongs to Holi, no debate about that. With sweet shops packed with variety this season, it belives that this crescent shape sweet belongs to the Bundelkhand region of India. This much popular North-Indian sweet has travelled long along time and space. Be it stuffed with mawa, chocolate or coconut or even gulkhand munching a gujiya in between playing holi is almost like a tradition.

Here are two unique Gujiya recipes one -Mawa Gujia Pizzet and Chocolate Gujiya, and eating these delights in moderation is a tough task to ask for. 

Chocolate Gujiya Recipe by Chef Rahul Gaurav from Le Méridien Gurgaon


For Dough

    Flour  600gm

    Ghee  200gm

    Water 100ml

For filling

    Khoya  300gm

    Sugar   200gm

    Cardamom powder    5gm

    Chopped almond  30gm

    Semolina   50gm

    Dark Chocolate 200gm

    White Chocolate  60gm


    Make a soft dough from flour, ghee, water.

    Take deep fry pan then sauté khoya and semolina till it turns golden and keep it aside to cool.

    Add sugar, green cardamom, melted dark chocolate and soaked almonds to the cooled khoya and mix well. To make this stuffing even more delicious, add some dry roasted nuts and raisin, this will add a nice crunch to the gujiya recipe.

    Moving on to the next step, take two drop of ghee and spread it well on your palms.

    Then make small round balls from the dough and make a cup like space in the ball to fill the sumptuous stuffing. After adding the filling seal corners in such a way that it secures the stuffing while frying the gujiya.

    Roll the sides as per your choice of pattern.

    Heat the ghee in a pan over medium flame. Fry the gujiyas till golden brown from all the sides. Remove from pan then drizzle melted dark and white chocolate on top of gujiya and serve with thandai.

Mawa Gujia Pizzet Recipe by Chef Bhanu Pratap Singh - Chef De Partie from THE Park Indore


    Mawa – 40 gms

    Green cardamom powder – 1 gm

    Sugar – 40 gms

    Almond – 20 gms

    Raisin – 10 ml

    Chironji – 10 gm

    Fresh coconut grated – 50 gm

    Cashewnut – 10 gm

    Refined flour – 100 gms

    Yeast – 1 gm

    Salt – 2 gm

    Pistachio – 10 gm

    Oil – For frying


    Mix mawa, green cardamom, almond, sugar, raisin, chironji, fresh coconut, cashewnut, pistachio and keep aside.

    Make a dough with refined flour, yeast, salt, sugar and keep aside for resting 45 minutes.

    Divide dough into 3 equal parts and roll in a thin sheet

    Place the sheet on the Gujia mould add the mixture of mawa and fold to form a Gujia. Keep aside for 30 minutes.

    Deep fry or bake the Gujia till golden brown.