Holi 2022- Exclusive Few Quick And Easy Recipes From City Of Joy
Image Credit: Classic Pistachio Thandai -La Macario Cafe

As the season of colours approaches, the city of joy gears up to celebrate the festival with zeal. Holi is a time to reunite with family and friends, delight in the joyful festivities and feast lavishly. With dishes like Thandai, gujiya, kachori, namak pare that are synonymous to Holi, let’s dig into these delicacies that the city has to offer. 

Gulabi Aanardana Paneer Tikka – Canteen Pub & Grub




    Dry aanardana 


    Finally Chopped ginger

    Fresh aanar juice 

    And canteen special tandoor spices


    Marinate 5 pieces square cuts of paneer with salt and dry spices. And rest for some hours.

    Making for Masala: take some yogurt, cashew paste, salt, cream, dry aanar 

    Dana powder, fresh aanar juice and seasoning. Then mix properly.

    After completing, add paneer pieces and cook in tandoor. Finish it with  some fresh aanar.

Classic Pistachio Thandai - La Macario Cafe 

When you think of Holi first thing comes to mind is the Classic Thandai. We have created this with  iccecream and thick malai with lots of Almonds and pistachios and tinge of Saffron to it. It gives a cooling and wholesome flavour


    200ml milk

    3 tbsp thandai syrup 




    Thick malai 

    Vanilla icecream 1scoop 

    Vanilla essence as per taste 

Method - 

    In a blender - add 200ml milk  & thandai syrup thick malai and churn

    Then add 1 scoop Vanilla icecream some Almonds and pistachios & blend 

    Top it up with some whole Almond pistachios and Kesar and serve chilled.

Paan-Tini – Lord of the Drinks


    Bacardi white -60 ml

    Cranberry juice -60ml

    Lemon juice -20ml

    1 no meetha paaan middle and shaken together

    Garnish - orchid and meetha paaan


    Mix Bacardi white well with Cranberry juice and Lemon juice.

    Garnish the Holi special drink with orchid and meetha paan.

Mini Dabeli-La Macario Cafe 

Bite Sized Dabeli is a popular Indian Snacking dish. With Holi people love eating this small tiny bites of colorful dishes with twist of Tamarind & green Chutney


    Small Soup Buns or Pao Buns - 6 pcs 

    La Macario Special Dabeli Masala 2 tsp 

    Boiled Potato 3 tbsp or 1 pcs boiled & mashed 

    Tamarind Spicy Chutney 

    Green Coriander Chutney 



    Finely Chopped onion


Method - 

- In a small pan add 2 tbsp oil and heat.

- In a bowl mix mashed 3 boiled potatos 2 tbsp tamarind chutney & 2 tsp Dabeli Masala.

- Add the mixture to the pan and cook for 2-3 mins. 

- Transfer mixture to the plate. 

Assembling Dabeli -

- Slit Pao and centre and put come coriander chutney on one side and tamarind chutney on the other. 

- Stuff in the aloo dabeli mixture 

- Top it with chopped onions coriander & Sev & pomegranata

- Roll the dabeli in sev and serve

Red Ballon – Traffic Gastropub


    Prawns: 200 gm

    Garlic chop: 3gm

    Ginger chop: 3gm

    Green chilli chop: 4 gm

    Red Thai curry paste: 3gm

    Maggi seasoning: 2tsp

    Ketchup: 2tsp

    White pepper powder: 2gm

    Salt: 1gm Chopped 

    onion: 5gm

    Chopped cilentro: 4gm

    Egg: 2pc ( for crumbing)

    Panko bread crumbs: 500 gm ( for crumbing)


    First take the deboned prawns, wash it well, make a fine paste. Then  add all ingredients and make a mixture.

    Make small balls & put the tail of prawns on top of those balls to make like it that.

    Make it crumbing & deep fried. Serve it hot & spicy sauce.