Holi 2022 – Celebrate With Sweet Delights Like The Rangeela Fudge, Thandai Choco Barks And More
Image Credit: Gujiya Bombay Sweet Shop

Holi, undoubtedly our most favourite of all Indian festivals is back and with it comes the myriad colours of Spring and memories of wonderful childhood celebrations. From gulaal smeared cheeks, clothes soaked in multi-hued colours, crisp, golden gujiyas and a whole lot of fun. Keeping up with the spirit and staying true to their ethos of ‘Re-creation’, Bombay Sweet Shop brings you old fashioned sweetness in a whole new avatar filling each of your special occasions with the “magic of mithai”. At the sweet shop, the chefs have turned the traditional flavours and taste in their head to create sweets that may look and sound familiar but prompt surprise and wonder through both presentation and flavours. Inspired by all those unforgettable Holi memories, Bombay Sweet Shop presents - ‘Dil Rangeela’ Holi Collection featuring The Rangeela Fudge, Thandai Choco Barks and Nutty Gujiyas.

With the whole idea of indulgence, Bombay Sweet Shop’s Holi Collection too is colourful and filled with wondrous choices. Ring in the festival of colours with The Rangeela Fudge (₹ 780/-), a Holi makeover of the favourite fudge, with hazelnut orange praline folded into 55% dark chocolate ganache, all between a layer of kaju katli and a layer of chocolate peda. This comes with colourful splashes of edible chocolate spray to make your Holi truly indulgent and full of colour. What is Holi without copious amounts of Thandai? Taking inspiration from the quintessential Holi Thandai are the Thandai Choco Barks (₹ 400/-) (available for delivery across India) that comes with nutty butterscotch, roasted cashews, pistachios and melon seeds sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate. To add a touch of colour, the barks are garnished with blue cornflower, dried marigold and edible glitter! Nutty Gujiyas (₹ 500/- box of six), an integral part of any Holi celebrations and our nutty version comes stuffed with kalakand, jaggery, coconut, pistachios, cashew, chironji and cardamom - a twist and tribute to this Holi classic.

To make your celebrations extra rangeen, the Dil Rangeela Bag (₹ 1600/-), has all three limited-edition Holi sweets including The Rangeela Fudge, Thandai Choco Barks and Nutty Gujiyas. The Holi Special Chocolatey Bag (₹ 1500/-), comes with our most favourite chocolate treats including The Rangeela Fudge, Thandai Choco Barks and classic Chocolate Butterscotch Barks. Bombay Sweet Shop is a celebratory offering that reimagines Indian sweets and mithai, is 100% vegetarian, hand-made, preservative-free and packaged hygienically & aesthetically! The brand believes in taking the familiar sweets that we love and create something entirely new. It's all about bringing back the smiles, fond memories and sticky fingers.