Hina Khan's Latest Indulgence Is Yummy And Comforting
Image Credit: Instagram/Shutterstock

A piping hot bowl of soup is the perfect way to kick off a satisfying meal. It's light, flavorful, and packed with nutrients. And if you thought soups were only for the winter season, Hina Khan is here to prove you wrong. The actress has been sharing glimpses of her scrumptious meals, including her elaborate Iftar spreads, delightful desserts, and nostalgic childhood favorite, Kasher Thani Tsot and Noon Chai. In her latest culinary escapade, Hina indulged in a delicious vegetable clear soup paired with avocado-stuffed rice balls. Based on Hina's verdict, "The soup was yummm," it seems safe to say that the soup was absolutely delicious. Take a look: 

Doesn’t that look absolutely comforting? Hina in the past had taken us to the heart of Kashmiri cuisine, where she indulged in her “bachpan ka pyar”, Keasher Thani Tsot, and Noon Chai. In a recent Instagram Reels post, the actress gave us a sneak peek of a Kashmiri bakery's offerings, including pastries, cakes, bread, and biscuits. However, for Hina, nothing compares to the rich and creamy Keasher Thani Tsot, a traditional Kashmiri dish made with milk, saffron, and nuts, paired with the fragrant Noon Chai. Her expression after savouring the delicious combination was proof of its mouth-watering taste. 

Hina’s Iftar meals have been tempting us with their delicious spread as well. One such meal featured samosas and kachoris, served with a variety of chutneys. For dessert, she had a bowl of luscious gulab jamuns, rabri, and a refreshing milkshake. "Iftar done right with @meethamumbai. Rabri is my all-time favourite, love it," Hina's caption on the post read. 

If Hina’s comforting bowl of soup has made you crave some too, we’ve got your back. Here we have a list of soup recipes you could try at home. From a comforting almond soup to a wholesome minestrone one, you’ve got it all! 

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