Let’s just agree that tea is one of the most comforting beverages, not just for Indians but for people across the world. It’s our love for tea that has given us much beyond the regular black tea. A whole lot of herbal and caffeine-free teas have emerged in the last few years and are taking the world by storm. Hibiscus tea, for instance, is one such variety that is popular amongst tea-lovers today. And it seems like television actor Hina Khan is among them too. 

The actor is currently in Egypt, vacationing with boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal, and her Instagram stories all about indulgence. She is experimenting with the best of the Egyptian cuisines, and is making sure her fans know it all through her social media pages. From kushari (Egyptian fried rice) to falafel and more, Hina is indulging in all that but has also added fruits and healthy beverages to her diet to keep it clean and balanced. One such addition to her Egyptian food trail is hibiscus tea. Hina took to her Instagram stories to share a cup of colourful hibiscus tea.

Also known as gudhal tea, this deep magenta coloured hibiscus tea is a beverage that comes with multiple health benefits that just can’t be ignored. From helping us relax to detoxing abilities, hibiscus tea also boasts of a soothing flavour and aroma. It is prepared by brewing sun-dried hibiscus leaves in hot water and is a great caffeine-free alternative for regular tea. 

As per experts, hibiscus tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent free radical damage to our body. Here are more reasons for you to include hibiscus tea in your diet: 

1. Helps in lowering bad cholesterol and body temperature. As per a study at the American Heart Association (AHA), drinking three cups of hibiscus tea daily may help in reducing high blood pressure. Now that’s something to ponder upon! 

2. Aids in better digestion. Being low in calories and caffeine-free, hibiscus tea can help regulate bowel movements. 

3. Made with the dried calyces of the hibiscus flower, known to contain high levels of antioxidants, this tea can help the body get rid of disease-causing free radicals and protect against chronic diseases. 

Looking for how to make a perfect cup of hibiscus tea? We’ve got you sorted with this super easy recipe.