Hina Khan Savours Bebinca And Sips Wine On A Beach In Goa
Image Credit: Hina Khan/Instagram

There is nothing quite like the serene experience of sitting by the picturesque beaches of Goa and indulging in a delightful lunch. As the gentle ocean breeze caresses your skin, you can feel all your worries melt away. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore creates a soothing symphony as if nature itself is harmonising with your senses. It seems like actress Hina Khan is getting in her own dose of this magic as she posted snippets of her lunch at Pousada By The Beach in Calangute. 

“Goa chalen…” reads the Instagram caption simply, we absolutely would! In the pictures she’s seen taking in the bright sunshine sipping on some white wine, enjoying a drool worthy dessert plate with Serradurra, Coconut Pancakes and some bebinca with ice cream. 

Goan desserts offer a delightful culmination to a gastronomic journey, and Hina Khan is clearly revelling in two of the standouts, Serradurra and Bebinca. Serradura, also known as "Sawdust Pudding," is a delightful layered dessert that combines the richness of whipped cream, condensed milk, and crushed biscuits. It's velvety texture and subtle sweetness make it an irresistible delight, leaving a lingering taste that lingers on your taste buds. 

On the other hand, Bebinca, often referred to as the queen of Goan desserts, is a layered cake made with layers of coconut milk, flour, sugar, and ghee. Each layer is carefully baked to perfection, resulting in a moist and aromatic dessert that is rich in flavours and textures. The golden brown colour and the complex blend of spices and sweetness make Bebinca a truly unique and decadent treat. Whether you indulge in the creamy bliss of Serradura or savour the intricate layers of Bebinca, these Goan desserts are a testament to the culinary prowess and cultural heritage of Goa, leaving you with a sweet and lasting impression.

This little slice of tranquillity she’s shared of the sun, sea and sand has made us all start dreaming of the next beach getaway.