Hina K Reveals Bond Between Film Fraternity & An Iconic Biscuit

Biscuits and cookies are one of our favourite go-to snacks at any time. Whether you want to have a crunch with your evening tea or satisfy your untimely hunger pangs, they are always by our side. Not a lot of people appreciate the presence of these easy-to-carry snacks, but there are a few who realise the importance of biscuits, such as actress Hina Khan

Recently, the actress has revealed celebrities' special bond with the iconic Parle-G biscuit on her social media. Parle-G is one of the largest-selling biscuits in India, and it also has a nostalgic connection to our childhood. Earlier, it used to be a ritual in every Indian household to eat this simple and tasty biscuit with tea. Even today, if you ask ten people to name five biscuit brands, parle-G will be on each of their lists. 

Hina Khan took to Instagram to share a picture of herself holding a Parle-G packet in her vanity van. She tells her fans that TV and film celebrities have a deep connection with this humble biscuit, and it can be very commonly seen on the shooting sets. Be it a small actor or a superstar, everyone enjoys dunking ‘India’s favourite biscuits in their tea or coffee. 

“There is such a deep connection between Parle-G and the shooting world in Mumbai. We just can’t do without Parle-G on sets. Every small, big, or megastar on set wants to have some Parle-G with some chai or coffee, some dunk it in paani”, the 36-year-old actress writes on her Insta story.  “Lol! Parle-G ka promotion ho gaya. Naah, do you think Parle-G needs any promotion? It’s the best!”, she further adds.

Well, this is not the first time any Indian celebrity has revealed their love for Parle-G. Many Bollywood stars like Randeep Hooda, Varun Dhawan, and Rajkumar Rao have also shared on social media their strong connection with this biscuit. Besides being dipped in tea and coffee, this Swadeshi snack can also be used to prepare cakes, puddings, mithais, and biscuit butter. Do you have any special moments with Parle-G? Let us know.