Hina Khan Is In Texas For Vacation Or Food? Let’s Find Out
Image Credit: Hina Khan/Instagram, The actor is a foodie personality.

Entering the movies after a long haul in a daily soap opera wasn’t any easy decision for Hina Khan. Yet, the actor managed to prove herself in Bollywood and carve a niche for her talent too. Those who watch her closely know that she’s a big fitness freak and an even bigger foodie. However, it is her ability to balance the two that makes her such an inspiration.  

Currently vacationing in Texas, Hina is constantly giving us sneak peeks into her meals in the city. Making the most of her time, she posted a number of stories on her Instagram and we loved every bit of it. It actually made us wonder if she is in Texas for vacation or only for the food. Beginning with a tour of a food shop in the city, she showed us delicious cold cuts and several other baked items kept in glass cases. Next up, we saw her devouring what she claims to be “one of the best turkey sandwiches” she’s ever had and adds #collinstreetbakery.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Hina Khan

This is followed by a video of Hina eating the sandwich with the song, “Yummy”, playing in the background. After that, there are a few posts about what she’s planning to visit next. Later in the day, she gives us a glimpse of her dinner spread too. She shows us the restaurant where she’s dining, which is called Mai Colachi, and is famous for its kebabs and karahi. On this, she writes, “Early dinner at one of the best Mughlai restaurants in Houston”.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Hina Khan

Next, we see what all she’s about to relish. This includes different kinds of kebabs, topped with onion rings and served with chutneys. This is followed by a chicken curry served in a karahi or kadhai, an Indian cooking and serving utensil. The spicy gravy is paired with a variety of breads kept beside it. Looks like Hina is having the time of her life and is surely on a foodie vacation in Texas.