Hilarious Video Of Bachelor’s Grocery List Struggle Goes Viral, Netizens Say ‘Relatable’
Image Credit: The video has hit the right chord with a lot of people. Image: Instagram Reel by Harshita Gupta

The pandemic has tested us all in different ways. But for those who survived it alone, living without any help in the house, it was perhaps a bit more difficult. From people living with their families to bachelors stuck at home alone, managing household chores was chaotic for all in the beginning. Besides that, many people were also seen hoarding essentials, fighting over the last packet of bread and more. Thankfully, the situation is now much better, and madness has ended but not without leaving some with newfound skills of surviving in the kitchen, and in the grocery stores. 

If you too live or have lived alone in the past, you will agree that the actual battle isn’t just in the kitchen. It actually begins at the grocery store itself. You may have many videos teaching you how to cook, but none that teaches you how to buy ingredients for what to cook. Now, a hilarious video has been going viral on Instagram talking about a similar situation that all bachelors have once faced in their lives. 

If gaur ki phali is something you’ve heard from the sabziwala for the first time, and if the difference between moong and masoor, rai and ajwain gives you the shivers, you will totally relate to this video! Take a look:

Shared by digital content creator Harshita Gupta on her Instagram handle, the video has hit the right chord with a lot of people. “Day 30 in a Bachelor’s Life : Struggle is Real”, she wrote in the caption. From forgetting the names of essential items to being confused by the variety of dals and sabzis found in the market, the video captures it all. The comments section completely agreed with the instances and the caption of the video. The video has over 860k views with more than 79k likes and hundreds of comments. Many viewers who have lived on their own confessed that this is exactly what their situation was like.  

“The struggle is so damn real! So relatable”, wrote one user while another commented, "Dal and its definition by colours is the real struggle, so true”. Some other comments on the video were, "Took me back to my hostel days"; "The part where you say biryani k chawal k alawa bhi chawal aate h...very relatable”. (The part where you say there are more varieties of rice other than the one used in biryani, that's very relatable), "And after all that shopping, still unable to decide what to cook...real struggle"; and "Seriously.. Hit the TARGET".

Do you have any such instances too? Let us know!