Mithai with a healthy twist: We might be done with Diwali, but the festive fervour continues. There are still festivals that are being celebrated in different regions of India. People are still in the celebration mood as Gurpurab is around. Almost every celebration in an Indian household happens with mithai, i.e. Indian sweets. Although lately, we have seen people adopting a healthy lifestyle, keeping away from sugar and calories, binging on mithai is like having a cheat meal. Diwali is considered a festival of lights and sweets where you would have had an overdose of the cheat meal as well. Hence, you can try these mithai recipes with a healthy twist for upcoming occasions. Now, you don't have to count your calories, and you can indulge guilt-free on these sweets. These will not only keep your calorie count in check but also have nutritional values. So, enjoy your sweets and festivals without any regrets. 

High Protein Kaju Katli (by Nidhi Shah, Dietician and Nutritionist at OZiva)

Protein-rich cashews: A 100 gm of cashew comprises 36% of protein. Protein is essential for development and overall growth. Do you know that it's a nutrient acting as the cell building block? Cashews also help in calcium retention, and including them in your diet is suitable for your muscles and bones. 


  • 250g cashews 
  • 1/4th cup water 
  • ½ cup jaggery powder 
  • ½ scoop OZiva Protein and Herbs, Vanilla Almond Flavor 


  1. Blend the cashews into fine powder 
  2. Use pulse mode 
  3. Add jaggery and water in a non-stick pan 
  4. Melt and mix until single string consistency 
  5. Add cashew powder and mix well 
  6. While mixing, add Protein and Herbs, Vanilla Almond Flavor 
  7. Cook for 30seconds in medium-low heat 
  8. Place the mix between 2 butter papers 
  9. Flatten it with a rolling pin 
  10. Remove the top butter paper 
  11. Decorate with dry fruits or edible silver leaf (optional) 
  12. Rest for 30 minutes 
  13. Cut into katlis with a clean, sharp knife