High Blood Sugar? 6 Low Glycemic Index Foods To Help

Be it unhealthy eating choices to poor lifestyle, most of the people be it children, teenagers or adults are suffering from some or the other health issue. Issues like high cholesterol and diabetes are the most common. And the increasing cases of diabetes have become a matter of concern. Sudden blood sugar spikes can lead to severe repercussions. Did you know that you can manage your blood sugar levels with healthy eating practices? Yes, if some studies are to be believed. 

Diabetes management majorly relies on diet. And this may come as a shock to you but consuming certain foods that have low-glycemic index can actually help. If some studies are to be believed, low glycemic foods are slow to digest and thus have smaller impact on blood sugar levels. Having such foods in the diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Here are six foods with low-glycemic index that can keep a check in your blood sugar levels. Have a look: 

Video credits: Sattvik Kitchen/YouTube

Bitter Gourd 

We all hate this vegetable, don’t we? But this not-so-tasty veggie is a boon for health. Bitter gourd is a vegetable commonly used in Indian dishes and is known for its potential to help manage blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd or karela has low glycemic index and contains compounds that may improve insulin sensitivity.   


Chickpeas or chana often makes it way to popular Indian curries and snacks. Apart from its rich fiber and protein content, chana also has relatively low glycemic index. This helps slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, leading to a more gradual rise in blood sugar. 


Every single lentil or dal consumed in India is loaded with some or other benefit. Dals like moon dal, toor dal and masoor dal are staple to Indian households. Not just these dals are in protein, but they also have a low glycemic index. They can be healthy addition to the diet especially when it comes managing blood sugar levels. 

Fenugreek Seeds 

Also known as methi, fenugreek seeds are used as a crucial spice in Indian cuisine. As per studies, fenugreek seeds have a low glycemic index, thus becoming an excellent food for people suffering from type I or type II diabetes. For the best results, just soak methi seeds overnight and consume the water with seeds in the morning. 

Kidney Beans 

Kidney beans also known as rajma, is an essential ingredient in Indian as well as Mexican cuisine. This legume is rich in protein, fiber and has a low glycemic index. Consumption of rajma can lower bad cholesterol levels in the body and can also stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Flax Seeds 

Most of the nuts and seeds that we come across are a powerhouse of essential minerals and nutrients. Flax seeds are no exception. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber. They also have low glycemic index and can be beneficial for blood sugar management.