High And Happy: Your Guide To The Best Hippie Cafes In Kasol
Image Credit: Pixabay, Kasol is also known as the Mini-Israel of India.

We’ve got a plethora of places on our list when it comes to planning vacations. From royal extravagance in the desert areas of Rajasthan to exotic beaches of Kerala and Pondicherry, there is no dearth of options. To take things low and slow, we often head to the relaxing and peaceful stillness of the hills. Although hill stations like Shimla and Manali are far from quiet with tourists flocking in all round the year, there are certain hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh that are yet to be explored. 

This reminds me of the time I vacationed with my friends to a tiny hill area called Jhaltola. This secluded hill station was surrounded by the wild grown trees and was far away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Another such destination up in the hills is Kasol. A small hamlet built over the Parvati valley, the river flowing nearby adds to the serenity of the place. Apart from the pristine beauty in the Kullu district of Himachal, Kasol is also known for its high and happy culture. The hippie lifestyle is quite evident in the dressing style, food as well as the infrastructure. Did you know that Kasol is also called the Mini Israel of India. 

Heading out to Kasol this weekend? Your trip would be incomplete without a taste of these hippie cafes. 

1.  Bhoj Café 

Well, we would say that you shouldn’t go by the name and try it out yourself. Bhoj café has been here longer than we know. The oldest eateries in Kasol, this place has a bohemian touch to its interiors with trans-music that really gets you into the groove. Sit back and enjoy your grilled sandwiches, shakshuka and waffles. 

Source: Bites Of Life/Instagram

2.  Freedom Cafeteria 

Don’t you just want to let loose and enjoy the moment while you’re away on a vacation? If that’s your idea too, then you must visit Freedom cafeteria in Kasol. The location is a little tricky as you’ll have to climb uphill to witness the quaint café with scenic views from top. The nightlife of metros might be a rage but you cannot miss out on all the fun that goes on at night here too since it is one of the few places that remains open till late. Grab a bite of shawarma and burgers or head out early morning for a delicious breakfast spread. 

Source: Freedom Cafe Kasol/Instagram

3.  The Art Café 

Exuding artistic vibes to stay true to its name, this cute and cozy place is the perfect maggi point in Kasol. You can head to the Art Café after a long trek to enjoy the beautiful views while slurping on a hot bowl of masala maggi because pahadon ki maggi has an unmatched taste. 

4.  Shiva Shanti Café

You go to any offbeat hill station in Himachal and you are bound to fill a Shiva café in most of them. Here in Kasol, you’ll find this hippie Shiva Shanti café. Like Bholenath is believed to be intoxicated by the effects of a special plant, this café provides you the apt trippy vibe. From colourful interiors to wooden seating, it is low-key place with an extremely relaxing feel. 

Source: Shreya31Shah/Instagram

5.  Pink Flyod Café 

Are you a fan of rock and blues? You have to visit this café then. Capturing the essence of the music band, Pink Floyd, this place isn’t a cakewalk. Turn your trip into an adventure by hiking to this café. Located a little on top, you surely wouldn’t regret once you reach there. This one is situated in Tosh near Kasol and is filled with pastas, pizzas and continental items on their menu. 

Source: Pink Floyd 267/Instagram