Here's Why Moong Dal Cheela Is A Healthy Breakfast Option
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Moong dal cheela is a simple vegetarian delicacy. It is a dish from north India and is known there as Pudas or Pudlas. The Pesarattu Dosa is another variation that is highly popular in south Indian cuisine. The major component, Green Gram or Moong Dal, is a staple food in every Indian home. Since there aren't many ingredients needed, it is simple and uncomplicated to create.

When it comes to creating a nutritious breakfast or lunch for your family in the morning, moong dal Cheela is a go-to recipe. It can be placed in a Tiffin box for your children's afternoon meal or afterwards presented as an evening snack with tea. For a main course dinner, you can serve it with any vegetable curry that uses sauce and pairs well with green chutney. It is a modification of numerous Moong Dal recipes that are made in every Indian home.

Making this dish is similar to preparing dosas, and it can be filled with paneer masala for a substantial dinner. You can choose to add cheese, gobi masala, or any other veggie stuffing in addition to paneer masala. It is a North Indian classic recipe that may be enjoyed with a cup of coffee on a gloomy day to brighten your spirits. It is a beloved nutritious snack at both roadside food stalls and restaurants since it is high in protein and has many other health advantages.

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Helps control blood sugar levels

Green moong dal contains fibre and complex carbs. Although fibre aids in digestion, complex carbs balance the fast spike in blood sugar levels after meals, stabilising the energy level. Individuals with high blood sugar levels need to eat it.

Lowers blood pressure

Blood circulation is aided by the abundant antioxidants in green gramme sprouts. It lowers blood pressure by stopping LDL oxidation and maintaining clean arteries.

Boosts energy

Moong dal's vitamin B1 draws energy from the food we eat and transforms it into ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. Our body stores and uses energy through the molecule ATP.

Good for weight loss

Moong dal is a good choice for those trying to lose weight because it is low in fat. Green gramme is abundant in protein and fibre, which helps with digestion and reduces the need for frequent snacks.