Here's Why Indians Prefer Eating With Hands

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, ‘Biryani with fork and knife is like making love through an interpreter’. Be it biryani or even plain rice, the thought fits the right. Isn’t it? Some may call it rustic or unhygienic but eating with hands is when we enjoy our food to the fullest. It is a traditional habit in India to use fingertips for eating food. Those who eat with hands, know that it is just not easy but takes some time to master the art. The ritual has some technique and its own goodness.  

Let’s face it, eating with hands just taste different from what we feel while eating with forks and spoons. But it's not just about the taste but many beliefs associated with it. As per our ancestors, eating with hands comes with so many health benefits. Interesting, isn’t it? Let us tell you some reasons why many Indians love eating with hands and why you should start this habit too. 

Digestive System And The Five Fingers 

As per Vedas and other ancient scriptures, every part of our body is connected with five elements and each finger represent that one element. Thumb, forefinger, mid-finger, ring finger and pinky finger represent space, air, fire, water, space and earth. It is believed that touching food with hands evoke these elements and prepares the stomach and digestive system. 

Smaller Portions Of Food Help In Better Digestion 

Some researchers claim that when people eat with hands, they eat in smaller portions as compared to spoons. And the smaller portion intake helps in better digestion.  

Increases Consciousness And Mindfulness 

As per some saints and sages, eating with hands increases consciousness towards the food. As you touch the food with your fingertips, your spiritual mind connects with the food energy. This also increases the mindfulness towards texture, taste and other elements. 

 Hands Are More Hygenic Than Spoons, Shocking But True 

We follow a set of hygienic standards before starting to eat a meal. We clean our hands before eating our food. You may think that spoons are clean and thus, more hygienic but the truth is that spoons might be kept for a long time which gives rise to microbes and germs. But washing hands perfectly will give you a satisfaction that what you are eating is clean and hygienic. 

Finger And Hand Workout 

When we eat with our hands, we move our fingers and this movement, ensures proper blood flow and muscle exercise. The usage of spoons doesn’t allow much hand movement as compared to eating with hands. You never thought about it, right? 

So, next time when anybody asks you why you eat with hands, give these reasons. Let us know if you would like more such content from our side.