Here’s The Secret To Friends Actor Courteney Cox’s Aglio E Olio Pasta; Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, This super-easy pasta is made with five ingredients only.

The fan fare for the popular American sitcom, Friends is unmatched. Across the globe, young teens and adults enjoy watching the series time and again. Although the show is pretty old, it continues to strike a chord with the people even today. In fact, do you remember the Friends reunion that was telecasted recently? It was literally a trip down the memory lane and full of nostalgic moments for the cast and viewers of the show. With such intense audience connections, it is hard for us to forget the actors, or rather the characters. 

Courteney Cox is one of them. Popularly referred to as Monica, one of the friends of the show, her character is that of a chef who suffers from an OCD of cleanliness. Seems like the reel cook has turned real this time. Courteney Cox took to her Instagram handle to share her special pasta recipe and we are loving it. Made with just five ingredients, her Aglio E Olio recipe seems to be a boon for us. Although Aglio E Olio is a very basic pasta preparation and doesn’t require too many things, this pasta recipe by the celebrity takes it a notch higher. 

She begins by boiling pasta in a bowl of water. She sprinkles loads of salt into the water and then drops in the pasta strands. While it boils, she roughly chops some fresh parsley. Then, the garlic is finely chopped. In a saucepan, she pours loads of olive oil and then adds the garlic to it. Once it turns golden, she adds chopped parsley along with chilli flakes. The secret ingredient comes next. To give her aglio e olio a flavourful touch, she drops a cube of chicken bouillon into the saucepan. Then she drains the water from the pasta, retaining some of the water. She takes the boiled pasta and throws it in the saucepan along with the other ingredients. 

Source: Courteney Cox Official/Instagram 

She mixes it all together and cooks it in the remaining pasta water. Once done, she takes it out in a pasta bowl and slurps it right away. Looks pretty tempting and easy-to-make right? Here are some pasta recipes that you can try at home too. 

1.  Garlic Shrimp Pasta Aglio E Olio 

Tossed in chopped garlic, the pasta strands are given a strong flavour. Add some shrimps to that and your heavenly bowl is ready. 

2.  Cannellini Aglio E Olio With Artichokes 

Try a different pasta shape this time, like cannellini and drop in some artichokes for a chunky bite.