Here's The Right Way To Consume Curd During Monsoon
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Do you consume curd on a regular basis? Curd is unquestionably the most vital ingredient in Indian food, used in everything from curries to lassis, buttermilk, and sweets. Most individuals regularly eat curd because it helps with digestion, gut health, and metabolism. But did you know that ingesting it improperly might have a negative impact as well? The hot, muggy, and wet monsoon season is not the best time to consume curd, according to experts. Let's find out why-


Ayurvedic texts advise against consuming curd during the monsoon because the three doshas—Vatta, Pitha, and Kapha—may be impacted by the seasonal fluctuation. The Vatta and Pitha doshas are frequently inflamed, especially during this season, which leaves the body vulnerable and may cause a number of seasonal illnesses. Additionally, consuming curd during this season is said to stimulate the body's creation of mucus, which results in sluggishness.

Here are some health risks associated with eating curd during this season and the proper approach to eating curd

Increases Joint Pain

During the rainy season, curd should be avoided by those with arthritis and joint pain. Curd is thought to worsen this illness by causing the body to produce more mucous and inflammation. However, there are no empirical investigations to back up this venerable notion.

Aggravates Sore Throat And Cold

Curd consumption can exacerbate a sore throat, cold, or cough if you already have one. This is a result of the curd's cold potency. Because of this, Ayurveda advises against ingesting it during the monsoon season, especially if you have sinus, congestion, or lung problems.

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Although curd is beneficial to your health, it may also be harmful if you consume it improperly or couple it with the wrong meals. Because of this, it is strictly forbidden to combine curd with two proteins or dishes that contain citrus. This may result in the production of acid, resulting in heartburn and ulcers.

If you still want to eat curd during the monsoon season, it is advisable to season it with roasted jeera powder, black pepper, and black salt. This combination, together with a splash of salt, can help balance out the curd's cold potency and improve gut health and digestion. Additionally aids in soothing a sore throat. Consume fresh curd during the monsoon season at all times, aside from that. To counteract the curd's cooling effect, you can also combine it with nuts and dried fruits.