Here's Malaika Arora's Sweet Treat For The Heart And Stomach
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, The Bollywood celebrity loves this dessert.

This weekend, she decided to start her Sunday on a healthy note and ended up satiating her sugar cravings by the end of the day. What was she having, you ask? Malaika was having a plate of croissants covered in cream and topped with nuts. A croissant is a flaky and airy French pastry that is often eaten for either breakfast or dessert.

On this, she wrote, "My heart n stomach r happy." Malaika is a fan of both sweet and savoury foods. From desi mithais like barfis and ladoos that she was enjoying on Diwali last year to Christmas special cakes, tarts, and more, she wolfed down all of them with a happy face. Since good food makes her happy, she prefers to try out the local cuisine of a place, like the authentic fish thali she had in Goa, for instance.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Malaika Arora

Not just that, the home-cooked food lover enjoys a simple meal of dal, chawal, bhindi, achaar, and papad too. She even went on a trip to the Himalayas, where she followed a Sattvik diet for all meals during her stay. To stay in shape, the actor knows how to balance her cravings with a healthy diet and exercise regularly.