Here’s How You Can Keep Spinach Fresh The Entire Week

If you ask me about the best things about winters after warm beverages, I would definitely answer winter greens. And can we even miss mentioning spinach while talking about winter greens? I don’t think so. The versatile leafy vegetable has made its way to numerous dishes in our diet- from parathas to paneer and smoothies.

I have been a great fan of the winter veggie since my very childhood. With the onset of winters, I know it's time to indulge in the veggie with my whole heart. When I decided to give up on junk food, refined flour and refined sugar two years back, I was thankful for spinach. At least I won’t have to give up on that one thing that I loved so dearly during winters- spinach. And that’s when I began adding spinach to my breakfast too. Spinach and mint smoothie is the best breakfast one can count on while wanting to relish something healthy, filling and delicious. However, when I moved out, I realized why my mom used to run out of spinach every Friday. The veggie is quite perishable and it's difficult to keep it fresh for a week. So, to help you keep spinach fresh for a week here’s a hack that you need to bookmark.

1. Moisture is the worst enemy when it comes to keeping veggies fresh. Veggies naturally have moisture locked up in them and exposing them to more moisture will surely lead to spoilage. So, don’t wash your spinach before storing the leaves in your fridge.

2. To store your spinach in the fridge, line a big airtight container with a paper towel. Place the spinach leaves/bunches over the dry paper towel. Make sure you don’t congest the box with too many leaves. Once you are done placing the leaves over the paper towel, place another paper towel over the leaves and continue this till you are done with your entire bunch.

3. Before storing your spinach, look for any bad/spoilt leaves and remove them from the stem.

We hope these simple tips will help you keep spinach fresh for the entire week. Do let us know if they worked out for you.