Here’s How You Can Enjoy Mac ‘N’ Cheese With A Twist
Image Credit: Pexels.

There’s nothing more comforting than welcoming the weekend with a hot plate of Mac n Cheese for brunch. This dish is delicious and easy to make. While the regular version of macaroni and cheese is fine, culinary artists from all over the world have been giving the dish various twists. From macaroni and cheese cups to cauliflower macaroni and cheese, some of these twists are sure to give the dish a flavourful punch. If you’re thinking of ways to tweak plain and simple mac ‘n’ cheese, consider trying the following versions : 

Cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheese 

This baked delight is going to be a sure shot hit with everyone. The classic mac ‘n’ cheese gets a nutritious boost as you add veggies to it. Adding the cauliflower in mac ‘n’ cheese will also help make it easier in ingesting as cauliflower is a good source of fibre. Please note that the pasta needs to be slightly undercooked as it will continue to cook in the oven along with the cauliflower. In case you want to give the dish a complete health boost, you could even replace the macaroni with the cauliflower. Many people on keto diet claim that this has helped them to lose weight. Alternatively, you could add chicken to your mac ‘n’ cheese preparation, to make it rich in protein. 

Mac ‘n’ cheese cups 

This recipe involves a visual overhaul of the entire dish with the freedom to add in ingredients like bacon to your mac ‘n’ cheese cup! The mac n cheese cups can also work as an amuse bouche for your next party, as they are bite-sized and delicious. In order to make this dish all you would need to do is grease the holes of a muffin pan,  cook your regular mac ‘n’ cheese with herbs and bacon, and then put the mixture in to the hole and bake for twenty minutes. This is also a great snack to pack for your children’s lunch box. 

Crunchy mac ‘n’ cheese slice 

This recipe is simple, quick and delicious. Crunchy mac ‘n’ cheese slice revamps the dish’s texture from saucy to crispy. The simple recipe involves baking the mac ‘n’ cheese in the oven for about 30 minutes. The cheese that you decide to put in this dish doesn’t necessarily need to be just grated cheddar. To make things more interesting, you can combine grated cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. 

Mac ‘n’ cheese pizza 

This preparation is the most exciting twist that can be given to mac n cheese. Served in American restaurants, the mac ‘n’ cheese pizza is made by cooking the dough of the pizza along with topping of mac ‘n’ cheese in the oven. Extra mozzarella cheese is added on top of this preparation. You could add in the topping of your choice to the mac ‘n’ cheese pizza. Some topping choices include chicken, bacon, avocado, onion etc. 

Which of the above mac n cheese twists are you going to try out on your next cooking escapade?