Use This Juicer To Make Sugarcane Juice At Home, Recipe Inside

Since it's summer, now is the ideal time to sip a glass of cool sugarcane juice. The best aspect is that you can find a lot of sellers selling this icy concoction everywhere. The addition of mint leaves, chaat masala, and lemon juice makes it even more refreshing in this oppressive heat. This drink is not only delicious but also very nutritious. It is well recognized to be a diuretic that aids in the treatment of kidney stones, UTIs, and ensures normal kidney function. It is recommended as a great treatment for jaundice because it also supports the health of your liver. Furthermore, having laxative effects, sugarcane juice facilitates bowel movements. Also, due to its low glycaemic index, it is highly advised for diabetics. There are several health advantages to using this healing elixir. You can prepare sugarcane juice in the comfort of your own home, did you know that? If you've never considered it, then it's time we let you know that you can create this cooling drink at home. Here is a recipe for making sugarcane juice at home. 

Picking and washing fresh sugarcanes is important. What you need to do is as follows! 

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Sugarcane (medium-sized) 

Water Strainer or muslin cloth 

Ginger (optional) 

Lemon juice (optional) 

Mint leaves (optional) 

Black salt 

Ice cubes 


After thoroughly cleaning the sugarcanes, use a sharp knife to remove the tough outer skin of the cane. They should now be chopped into small pieces and blended with a piece of ginger. Then, repeat the process of blending with some water. Check that the sugarcane has been thoroughly ground. Put the juice and sugarcane extract in a large container. Pick up a different container and set a strainer or muslin cloth on it. Press the extract through a cloth or strainer to extract the juice. Use your hand to squeeze the juice if it is difficult for you. Place a small amount of the extract in your hand and squeeze it vigorously to release the juice. Re-strain the juice because some extract can still be present. Serve chilled after adding some lemon juice, a pinch of black salt, and ice cubes. 

Quick Tips 

Although sugar powder can be added to the juice, doing so is not recommended because the juice is already sweet. When filtering the juice, you can use a tea or coffee filter. Savour the goodness of this wonderful sugarcane juice by making it! Enjoy your summer!