Here's How The Much-Loved Kasuri Methi Made It To Your Kitchen

A staple of Indian cooking, Kasuri Methi has a fascinating backstory that begins in Kasaur, a pre-partition Punjabi area that is currently in Pakistan. Renowned chef Kunal Kapur breaks the myth that fenugreek leaves that have been dried is not "Kasuri Methi." Rather, he shares an interesting tale that Kasaur is the place where the best kind of fenugreek, which is prized for its tasty and aromatic leaves, was grown, and from which the plant gets its name. 


The origins of Kasuri Methi can be traced back to a district in pre-partition Punjab, now situated on the Pakistani side of Punjab. Notably, the Methi grown here is considered one of the best varieties. The name Kasuri Methi or Kasoori Methi originates from Kasaur, the place where this distinctive variety of methi was initially cultivated. Post the partition of India in 1947, this prized variety found its way to Malerkotla in Punjab and Nagaur in Rajasthan. Over the years, advancements in farming techniques have elevated the quality of Kasuri Methi, making it one of the finest varieties available today. 

It's interesting to note that Rajasthan has become India's main methi producer, greatly enhancing the nation's standing as the global methi producer. Not only does the fragrant herb enhances the flavours of Indian food, but its long history gives each dash of Kasuri Methi we use in our cooking a deeper meaning. Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Include Kasuri Methi To Your Diet: 

Dal Tadka 

Toss some kasuri methi, jeera, hing, and ghee into a bowl of dal for a flavorful tadka. Instead of using coriander leaves, you can crush some kasuri methi and add it at the end. 

Methi chicken  

Methi chicken is a well-known Indian dish that denotes decadence. All you have to do to quickly make the gravy even more delicious is toss in some dried fenugreek leaves. For those who abstain from eating chicken, simply swap it over for some tender, juicy paneer chunks. 


You can add kasuri methi to any dish if you enjoy a strong flavour. Toss in some crushed leaves between the palms and scatter over the platters. For a smokey flavour, you can also dry roast it. 

Methi Paratha 

We all love methi paratha, which is a classic wintertime dish. By incorporating some kasuri methi into the dough during the kneading process, you can now enjoy methi roti, paratha, or naan throughout the year. 

Methi Mathi 

Kasuri methi can also be used to make mouthwatering mathi. These savoury dishes get a deep aroma with the use of kasuri methi.