A healthy beverage that acts as a substitute for our morning and evening cuppa is green tea. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, green has a host of benefits for the human body. In fact, not just health, it can also improve your skin and hair. And so, it has become a favourite for many. 

While green tea is a popular and a fairly simple tea to brew, there are a few things to keep in mind when brewing your own. Specifically, you need to be careful about the number of cups of green tea you’re drinking every day. 

green tea
Drink green tea daily to get a plethora of health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to dietitian Priya Palan, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai, “Green tea, an extremely popular beverage, has several beneficial effects on your health. However, a higher dose consumption over a long period of time may cause some unknown adverse effects.”

So, how much green tea should you drink per day?

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years and for good reason. To gain many of the benefits, you should read this information. Palan says, “It is recommended to drink around 2 to 3 cups of it on a daily basis.” And keep in mind that there are drawbacks of consuming too much green tea. “Going overboard is not a good idea. Ideally,” says Palan. 

Studies that explore the benefits of green tea show different evidence of the right amount of green tea that should be consumed every day. But all those studies show that filling up on too much green can do more harm than good. So on an average, according to dietitian Palan, for most people, three cups of green tea in a day should suffice. Clearly, you should not overdo it! 

Possible side effects of drinking too much green tea

Yes, there are a number of reasons why you must stick to this number. Otherwise, you may face some side effects. Palan says, “Harmful effects of the overconsumption of tea are mainly due to its caffeine content, presence of aluminum, and effects of tea polyphenols on iron bioavailability.” 

She also pointed out the likely side effects of drinking green tea in large amounts. 

1. Anaemia

Green tea may have an affinity for iron and can cause a significant decrease of iron bioavailability from a person’s diet. 

green tea
Anaemia can steal all your energy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Caffeine sensitivity

For people with caffeine sensitivity, higher doses of green tea could lead to abdominal distress, irritability, nausea, and stomach upset.

3. Heart conditions

Higher doses of caffeine can cause an increase in the heart rhythm.

4. Liver damage

Excess consumption of green tea over a period of time can exert a cytotoxic effect on liver cells and can damage the liver. Pregnant and lactating mothers must be cautious of excess consumption, due to an increased risk of birth defects.

Moreover, people who are prone to anxiety and insomnia should not consume a high amount of green tea. And remember, moderation is the key!