Everything About ‘Salaar’ Star Prithviraj Sukumaran's Diet

Prithviraj Sukumaran, who is being lauded for his recent performance in the Prabhas-starrer, Salaar, is equally well-known for maintaining a fit body. The actor, whose dedication to fitness is admirable, follows a strict diet plan which includes vegetables, lean meats, fruits and good fats. Between his sustainable approach to fitness and spending time in the gym, the superstar has been known to turn to plenty of hydration through the day to keep him going.

His holistic diet plan, which consciously eliminates sugar and processed foods, includes high-protein meals of chicken and fish – similar to the meal he was treated to by Mohanlal’s wife, a few years ago, that included pan-seared sea bass with some rice. Despite his immense self-control while filming, Prithviraj has joked about how it was a task for him to stick to his diet during the shoot – thanks to his co-star Prabhas, who would send trays of food to his hotel room and make sure that he got what he wanted.

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While he has been no stranger to fluctuating diet plans as a way of preparing for roles where he has had to lose weight or gain muscle, the predominant components of his diet have remained the same throughout. In a promotional interview for the movie, the star actor got candid about how food would arrive from Prabhas’ home each day and how he was surrounded by 20-25 dishes to sample, while his co-star enjoyed a humble bowl of dal-rice. Tell us what your favourite post-workout meal is or what your ultimate cheat meal would be.